Why is Homeschooling trending in 2020?

Why is Homeschooling trending in 2020?

Develop an understanding on: 

-> HomeSchooling - options, feasibility and eligibility
-> Curriculum, Exam boards and Subject Choices 
-> Undergraduate applications to top universities globally

Get an opportunity to hear from industry professionals with over 10 years of experience in schooling, standardized tests and college admissions : 

Mohnish Ahuja 
Co-Founder & Head of Academics (Ignite Training Institute) 

Varun Jain 
Founder (BrighterPrep) & Higher Education Expert


Speaker - Sumit Advani

With a degree in Science (IT), from the Mumbai University, India, Sumit has also pursued a diploma in advertising and public relations. His experience with Prepzone, Dubai has empowered him with the kind of experience that can easily form the backbone of any classroom and e-educational initiative. He brings with him tremendous expertise in designing and implementing varied solutions for the education sector and has been integral in customizing academic learning programs that align with students needs and goals, specifically from international schools in UAE. 
He possesses the right qualification and organizational capability for managing the personal and infrastructural needs of students and faculty at Ignite Training Institute. The centre has been planned under his leadership and bear testimony to this fact.

Mohawk College


De Montfort University


Study in The University of Law


University Of Leicester