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5 Effective Ways to Develop Leadership Skills at University

A college is a place for academic pursuit, and it should be the prime focus for any student. However, it is also a great place to learn life skills which will later help you in your career and other aspects of life as well. Being a leader is one such skill. If you want to become a leader in life, there is no better place to start practising it than your university. Here are a few useful tips to help you develop your leadership skills. 

1. Take Initiatives

If you are a shy person, this may seem daunting to you at first. When you take part in extracurricular activities, you get a chance to show people your skills and abilities, and they start valuing it over time. Taking part in activities is a great way to enhance your leadership skills at your university. By joining a club or sport, or any other committee, you take ownership of a small part of your school. Begin by participating in general membership activities, and then work your way toward leadership opportunities.

2. Seek feedback

People don’t like criticising other people on their face. Even if they don’t understand an aspect of your work or your nature, there is a high likelihood that they will not tell it to you. In this scenario, you must seek active feedback. You can ask people whom you think can give you honest and actionable feedback. Alternatively, you can also set up an anonymous system like google form to receive feedback from your team. 

3. Set Clear goals

A leader’s most important trait is to facilitate other’s development. As much as you should develop this trait, you must also focus on your development. You must set clear and achievable goals for yourself. Achievable and countable goals can help you evaluate your and your team's performance, and you can see for yourself how much you have achieved in a set time-frame as opposed to having a vague idea of your success. 
4. Do the little things well

Do not ignore the minor tasks while trying to achieve bigger things. In your leadership role, there will be a lot of minor day-to-day tasks. Very often these tasks are ignored because they are monotonous and there isn’t much glory in completing or achieving them, but they are equally important for the smooth functioning and success of a task. If you want to become a successful leader, then you will have to keep an eye on all the minor things happening in your organisation or around, you. 

5. Listen

This is the most critical skill you need to perfect if you want to become a successful leader.  If someone opens up to you be prepared to listen to their side of the story and empathise with them. Hone your listening skills and actively work on them if needed. Good leaders first good listeners. If you pay attention to your team, they’ll lead you to success.

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