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CBSE is a pioneering educational board in India, renowned for its commitment to providing quality education and fostering holistic development. With a curriculum designed to nurture critical thinking, creativity, and practical skills, CBSE prepares students for academic success and real-world challenges.Grade 10 & Grade 12 are considered as board classes for the students. CBSE is recognised worldwide including many top universities in the world to pursue Undergraduate or Masters courses.

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Competition for Grade-12.

GoToUniversity Academic Team has designed a competition which will help you revise your CBSE curriculum, prepare you to score higher and at the same time you can win the exciting prizes.  One of its standout features is the CBSE Revision Portal, a dynamic resource for Grade 12 students.
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Our Study Resources


Advanced Study Resources:

  • Utilize our cutting-edge study resources tailored for CBSE exam readiness.
  • Access these resources for FREE on our EdTech platform.

Solved Examples & Organised Content

  • Study materials include solved examples for better comprehension.
  • Content is meticulously organized by topics and subtopics for effective learning.

Propellant for Preparation:

  • Our study materials serve as a propellant for students' exam preparation.
  • Empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence needed for success.

Expert Faculty Support:

  • Benefit from the guidance of our expert faculty dedicated to top-notch exam preparation.
  • Experienced educators ensure students receive quality support and insights.

Tailored for CBSE Curriculum:

  • Our materials are specifically designed for the CBSE curriculum.
  • Ensures a deep understanding of subjects aligned with CBSE standards.

Confidence-Building Materials:

  • The materials are crafted to build confidence in students.
  • Prepare thoroughly and approach exams with assurance and self-assurance.

Steering Towards Success:

  • Our resources aim to steer students confidently towards success in their academic journey.
  • Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary for achieving academic excellence

Comprehensive Coverage:

  • Gain access to the best-curated study material for core subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.
  • Study materials cover a wide range of topics to provide comprehensive exam preparation.

Question Bank

Our meticulously curated collection of questions spans various subjects and is designed to enhance understanding and mastery of key concepts. With a focus on the CBSE curriculum, each question is thoughtfully crafted to align with the latest exam patterns. Whether a student is tackling specific topics or aiming for an all-encompassing review, our subject wise FREE question bank is the ultimate tool for success for students.

With a well curated structure, students will get access to practice questions & past papers questions. Practice questions covers normal MCQ’s & structured questions covering case studies & Assertion & Reasoning. Apart from this students will find 1000+ practice questions.

Past Exam Papers

Unlock a wealth of knowledge with complimentary access to official question papers from the past five years. After completing these papers, students will receive a detailed report showcasing their performance, including the marks achieved.

Engaging with past papers not only enhances student’s preparation but also serves as a catalyst for confidence and success. Practice with precision, assess progress, and elevate readiness for the upcoming exams – all with the invaluable resource of past official question papers, now freely available.

  • Access to Official Question Papers
  • Confidence Builder
  • Elevate Readiness
  • Free Resource
  • And Many More++

FREE Mock Test

Elevate your exam readiness with our FREE Mock Tests – the key to self-assessment and success.

Students will gain confidence boost for their final CBSE exams with exclusive access to our meticulously crafted Mock Tests. Aligned closely with the actual CBSE exam format, these tests provide a true-to-life experience, ensuring students are well-prepared for the final day of their exams.

Following each Mock Test, students will receive a comprehensive report for a self-evaluation of structured questions. This personalised feedback empowers students to gauge their preparation level and make targeted improvements.

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Free CBSE Classes by our Experts

Students can improvise their learning journey with the complimentary interactive revision classes led by experts in core subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics absolutely FREE. Students can easily schedule these sessions on their dashboard, aligning with their convenience and teacher availability. Delve into "Concept Revision," tackle "Past Paper Questions," and engage with "Practice Questions" during these classes. Students will elevate their understanding of key concepts with personalized guidance, ensuring a thorough and effective preparation for success in their final exams.

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