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Bachelor Degree in
Computer Science

Post Bachelor Studies Options for
Computer Science Graduates

Artificial Intelligence

Computers are simulated to carry out human intelligence processes.


A combination of mechanical, electronic, electrical engineering and computer science.

Software Engineering

A specialisation which teaches students design, development, testing and maintenance of computer application.

Computer Architecture

A hardware specialisation where students are learning how the computer hardwares is connected to form a computer system.


Students gain expertise in how to secure computer networks, ethical hacking, protection of data or data privacy, penetration testing and how to secure users from cyber crimes.

Data Science

Students learn expertise in using scientific methods, statistical modeling and other processes to extract insight and knowledge from various forms of data structured or unstructured.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing on demand availability of computing resources like applications and data resources without the active management by the user of those resources. Students learn Big Data Management, Distributed Computing, Security and Network Management, Cloud Applications and Data Analytics.

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