Multi-mini & Panel Interview Practice with Industry Experts

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Key Points about MMIs

Understanding the MMI Process

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Key topics covered

Strategies to Succeed in MMIs

  • Familiarise with MMI format
  • Practice mock interviews
  • Stay calm & confident
  • Work on critical thinking skills
  • Maintain a positive body language
  • Review your personal statement
  • Be authentic
  • Practice MMI style questions
  • Develop stress management techniques
  • Focus on clear, concise and empathetic communication
  • Stay updated on current healthcare issues, medical ethics and policies

Why Choose GotoUniversity for
Multi-mini Interview Preps?

How can we help you succeed?

Comprehensive reading material and video material (University Recommended)

Guidance on strategies and concepts

Multiple Sessions of Mock Interviews to mirror the real interview environment

Constructive Feedback Sessions

Guidance on essential interview topics and questions asked

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