Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

Are you ambitious and aspire to study in one of the top universities in the UK? Are you aiming to get an admission in one of UK’s top universities but don’t have sufficient scores to meet the eligibility requirement? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then you must consider Abbey DLD group of colleges as your next school to achieve success and build a strong foundation to get through the world’s top universities. 

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

Abbey DLD groups of colleges is a cluster of 3 different colleges located in top cities of United Kingdom. It offers students with world-class education with an objective to help students build a strong pathway to top global universities. The 3 colleges, namely, Abbey College in Manchester, Abbey College Cambridge and DLD College London have a great reputation among international students and local students.

Abbey College Cambridge

Abbey College Cambridge
Representing international students from more than 30 countries, Abbey College in Cambridge is famous for its tailored programs and expert faculty that helps student’s fast-track their way to top universities. 

Abbey College Manchester

DLD College London
Known as the most prestigious college in London, it is situated in the heart of the city overlooking the Thames River and the Houses of Parliament. Has high-class facilities and offers high specifications creative and arts media rooms, dark rooms for photography and other media related courses. Compare DLD College of London with other schools here.
See various programs offered by DLD College London here.

Abbey College Manchester

Abbey College Manchester
If you a Manchester United Football club fan then you probably don’t need to read any further as that is a reason enough to go study in this college. However, apart from Football, Manchester is known as the cultural centre of England. The Abbey College Manchester is the smallest of all the 3 colleges and offers a close community of hard-working students with a 90% success rate of students achieving a place in the top universities. 

5 reasons to choose Abbey DLD Group of Colleges 

Gateway to top universities
Abbey DLD group of college has a record of placing the highest number of students in top universities like Oxford and Russel Group. In the year 2017, Abbey DLD college claims to have placed over 300 students in top universities successfully.

High-Quality courses and programs
the main objective of Abbey DLD group of colleges is to prepare students to secure admissions in top universities. It has a proven success rate of 99% students placed in the universities they desired. It offers different programs such as Advanced Level program, GCSE, International Foundation Program, Academic English and BTEC. 


World-class educational facilities
the campus life at Abbey DLD colleges is known to be the most inclusive and provide some of the most high-class education for students. the premises offer huge benefits to the students ranging from high specification art facilities to 24-hour security to small class sizes that offer students more focused learning environment.

With modern buildings and high-end technology, Abbey DLD college campuses provide the most ideal environment for students to learn and succeed. 

Abbey College campus

Live in the world’s top cities
Study and experience the charm of living in top cities of United Kingdom. Experience the rich culture, the business capital and the universities in the most popular cities. Manchester, Cambridge and London all are known for their bustling city life and rich culture.


Experience the tradition and modernity in London surrounded by historical buildings and modern landscape. Manchester’s famous football clubs make it the most popular city but it also has a lot more to offer in terms of Britain’s heritage and culture. Cambridge is best known as the dream city for university students. 

Safe and accessible accommodation

Abbey and DLD college offers onsite accommodation for students. The accommodation is fully accessible with 24-hour security making it highly safe. All bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom, high-speed internet, kitchen and laundry services. And the best is every college has its accommodation right in the centre of the city making it extremely accessible and safe.

So pack your bags and get ready for your next adventure at Abbey DLD group of colleges as you just read 5 amazing reasons to study here. And to add to that, GoToUniversity is a proud partner and can help you get admission here easily. 

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