Admission process for studying MBBS abroad

Studying medicine abroad has escalated as the number of students applying to foreign universities has been boosting day by day. A degree achieved from a foreign university is of very high assurance and you get to explore a country with a multicultural environment. The experience of studying abroad at an overseas university is very enriching and cherishing as you will get a chance to study as per the different curriculums and education system. To get yourself enrolled in foreign universities, you must reach out to our overseas admission consultant at GoToUniversity who has branches in India and Dubai as well, serving students from all over the world and obtaining the desired degrees from the prime universities of the world through various programs of their choice. 

The admission process of MBBS is not very hectic if you consult with an expert who guides you from the best universities for MBBS to the inclusive admission process. Let’s look at a few elements that are needed to be looked up to if you aspire to study MBBS abroad.

Shortlisting countries

The first and foremost step towards your abroad journey should be the shortlisting of countries from where you wish to go for your medical degree. Nowadays, almost every country is providing programs for medicine in different fields with a phenomenal acceptance rate and a very successful graduation rate. So our overseas admission consultant would help you shortlist the best university for MBBS. You can also have a look at our portal ‘GoToUniversity’ which has a tool called ‘University Advanced Search’ to help you shortlist the country as per your requirement, funds, and estimated expenses.

Shortlisting universities

The next step in the process of studying abroad should be finding out the best universities for MBBS universities around the globe. There are many countries where students are approaching and acquiring an MBBS degree. The GTU portal has another amazing tool called ‘University Finder’ where you can shortlist universities and choose the appropriate one as per your academic qualifications and the cost that you want to invest.

Best countries to study medicine

If you want to attain a degree from renowned universities in MBBS then you must look forward to studying medicine in the UK, Europe, and Ireland. These countries have one of the best universities and medical schools with a high rate of acceptance and placing students with many recognized hospitals. If you want to study medicine in the UK, you are advised to get in touch with our UK admission consultant who can impart to you every detail of the admission procedure in the UK medical schools. If you want to study medicine in Ireland and go for studying medicine in Europe then also you must contact our admission consultants who have expertise in positioning and stabilising the students in these countries.

Required documents

Another important step in your admission process would be checking the requirements of the universities. If you have planned to study MBBS abroad then you must match up to the essential requirements of the universities, keeping in mind the varied requirements of the universities. A student must have cleared his 12th grade to apply at the universities having the important documents like- 

  • Transcripts from Grade 9 - 11, Predicted grades for Grade 12
  • University application form
  • Passport
  • Scorecard of standardised tests (UCAT / IELTS)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • Academic CV
  • Medical check-up certificate
  • Bank statement
  • Visa


You should keep a check upon the deadlines and the starting of the application date of intakes of the universities and prepare yourself as per the admission falls. 

Entrance test score

One of the most important and difficult processes of your admission would be securing a good score in the entrances that the university gives. It varies from country to university and a student must take up the required test to secure a seat with a good score. 


When planning to study MBBS abroad you must be aware that you need a handsome amount in your pocket as the fees of MBBS programs are comparatively higher than other degrees and it varies from country to university as well.

Visa processing

To be a successful admission procedure, you must pass through the visa requirements and visa interview. You must possess every document that is above to get cleared of the visa process.

For a successful application, you must consult with an admission consultant at GTU, our admission experts are always up-to-date with the fragments and university requirements and to help you with the entire admission process.

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