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Located in the Niagara region, Brock University is a public research university within 20 minutes from the world famous Niagara Falls. It is the only Canadian university that is located in a UNESCO biosphere reserve. There are numerous benefits to the central location of Brock University campus. Close to the US border, it is surrounded by beautiful natural lakes and the city has a vibrant and safe environment. Also, it is only an hour’s drive to Canada’s busiest and glamorous city, Toronto.

Brock University Campus

In the heart of Niagara, Brock University campus is always growing. It provides some of the best programs with modern facilities for students to learn and have a wonderful experience. It also has numerous collaborations with other colleges to improve students experience and learn from the best in the industry. Some famous collaborations are with Niagara College and Goodman School of Business. 
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Brock University campus

Student life at Brock University Campus
Brock University welcomes students from all over the world building strong international student’s presence. With diverse cultures and background, Brock University campus represents 100+ countries. It offers programs and services that support campus students, has leadership development programs, events and activities to encourage cross-cultural interactions and co-op opportunities where students can build experience in their respective profession.

Brock University Hallway

Some of the student activities are student-run campus newspapers, Student-run radio station, Drama theatre group, Student-run television stations and choral groups. 
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Brock University Awards and Alumni
The university has many distinguished awards to recognize graduates with outstanding performance in their respective programs. It also has a notable alumni awards for students who have contributed to the development of co-op students and advocated Brock students.

Brock University ranking, scholarship programs

Brock University has dedicated 6 distinguished categories of awards to recognize students and its alumni. Moreover, Brock University’s notable alumni have the highest employment rate in Ontario and work in the most diverse careers with some of the top organizations in Canada. 

Brock University Tuition and Scholarships
Average tuition fees at Brock University is $7149 (Canadian dollars).

Brock University’s commitment towards educating students with word class facilities can be seen in its investment of $4 million towards award programs and scholarships for 2019. There are 5 distinct scholarships programs for both local and international students. 

Brock University Programs

Brock University highlights

  • Brock University is proud to be one of the 5 universities that offer research growth.
  • It also has some of the world-class faculty with nine 3M Teaching Fellowship Award winners and 10 Canada Research Chairs.
  • It has an acceptance rate of 85% and has no application fees. Also, it accepts students with an average high school GPA of 3.0. Brock University’s acceptance rate makes it one of the top universities chosen by international students.
  • All its programs are career-driven with the largest co-op programs offered in Canada and has the highest employment rate among Brock University graduates within 6 months of graduation.
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  • The campus offers services such as personal/psychological counselling, international students advisor, health clinic and a women’s centre.

GotoUniversity is a proud partner of Brock University that offers world-class education with almost all programs offering co-op education. It has a high acceptance rate of 85% and over 90% employment rate among graduates. Brock University has a dedicated team of career counsellors available around the year to help students find work for co-op or full-time opportunities. Safe and secured campus in the centre of natural beauty and vibrancy, Brock University application should be one you must be filling for your next university program. 

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