Career paths after law in UK

Law is a highly sought-after career especially in the UK where even newly-established law firms can make GBP 35,000 annually and hit a million within just 5–6 years of practice. Studying law in the UK is a great choice for students as a UK law degree provides you the legal knowledge and interdisciplinary skills important for International Business.

How does a student’s CV enhance a UK law degree?

  • Due to the global relevance of English law, a law degree from the UK opens international opportunities for a student to pursue his career in the field.
  • After the student completes their graduationand obtains a 2-year post-study work visa, they can practice law internationally.
  • A Master's Degree Program in Law is an internationally recognized qualification and provides a strong boost to anyone’s resume.
  • The top universities in the UK are recognized by the Bar Council of India, the first step to qualifying as a lawyer in India.

Alternative career paths

You don’t need to worry if, by the time you have completed your law degree, you want to switch. Here is a list of the possible career paths after studying law in the UK:

  • Judicial assistant: Solicitors and barristers usually start their career working as a judicial assistant to get a real idea of working with judicial members of the court. These assistants conduct legal research and have an average annual salary of £31,450 GBP.
  • Tax consultant: Tax consultants give suggestions on tax liabilities and cost-effective tax solutions to their clients and inform them of new tax legislations, if any, introduced in the budget. The average annual salary of tax consultants is GBP 38,000.
  • Management consultant: A management consultant uses the research skills and analytical skills he/she has acquired from their law degree to help other employees quickly comprehend the industry. Average pay scale: GBP 58,236 per annum.
  • Civil service: Law graduates majorly opt for civil service because of the fast-track stream available in the UK. Law graduates ease the process by understanding the practical effects of a politician’s ideas, which could affect the daily lives of ordinary people. Average pay scale: GBP 25,600 per annum for data specialists and GBP 59,300 per annum for enterprise architects.
  • Journalist: Who would have thought of that? If a person can use the research information to produce an interesting form for the media, then they can start journaling with a local paper and work their way up. The average annual salary is GBP 36,843.
  • Publishing: The publishing houses that have legal publications in-house employ law graduates in the field of research or even in the intellectual property and rights department if they are qualified enough. Average pay scale: GBP 33,673 per annum
  • HR and labor relations: Here, in the handling and prevention of disputes, you would be balancing between employees’ needs and employers' by using your communication and people skills. The average annual salary is GBP 29,700.
  • Insurance- Loss adjuster is one of the prominent roles given as an opportunity to law graduates in the UK. With their good negotiation skills and analytic outlook, they are able to investigate claims, evaluate damage, and conduct interviews with policyholders. The average annual salary is GBP 27,350. 

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