Challenges of choosing the right course

Once you finish college, the most important decision in your life is picking a profession you want to make a career in. To get into that profession, it’s important you choose the appropriate degree, which eventually leads us to shortlisting and selecting the right courses. However, when it comes to picking the ideal course, many college students often come across challenges such as:

Lack of guidance

Higher education is a phase in your career for which you have to take correct decisions while shortlisting the courses, but not every student has access to the counselling needed to do so. In the absence of some much-needed guidance, students tend get demoralized when they see they have just a limited number of choices and may not like any of them.

Similarity of decision among classmates

Students who choose a course by just following the footsteps of their classmates often have trouble understanding the importance of the degree they are pursuing, or the kind of work it leads to in the future. Such students do not even bother considering the consequences until it is too late and risk getting completely lost in the crowd.

Fear of not getting a better career progression

Many students from low income backgrounds worry about landing a job quickly after their studies, and feel pressured to make a quick decision on their employment due to the fear of losing out on career opportunities. Such candidates often choose the highest-paying job or anything they are offered right out of college, irrespective of them actually enjoying that work.

Figuring out the field of interests

High school students are entirely new to the process of shortlisting courses and are often clueless about their actual interests, or the fields they could excel at. In such cases, students are suggested to narrow down their interests and contemplate sufficiently over each one before deciding which one of them they should pursue.

Financial issues

Preparing for high school comes with both the excitement of a new academic journey and the pressure of high tuition fees. Some students do not have the resources to fulfil their study abroad dream and end up accepting whatever courses are available for lower fees with colleges. This happens as many students are not aware of scholarship programs that many colleges offer.


There is no better feeling than starting a new journey in life realizing that you made the right decision, and it’s the same with study abroad. With the right courses, your study abroad experience will be entertaining, enjoyable, often challenging but always rewarding, so picking the right one is always important.

GoToUniversity’s study abroad consultants have an excellent track record of providing accurate and effective educational counselling to students and helping them take the best decisions for themselves. Please contact them to book an appointment and figure out what works the best for you in the long run.

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