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Checklist for Arrival at the University

Your Checklist for Arrival at the University

Starting at the university is a very exciting time in the life of a student, but it can be a bit daunting and can feel like stepping into the unknown. Preparation is the key to reduce the stress and make sure that you make the most of this time, and your arrival at the university goes smoothly. 

1.    Visa and other relevant documents 
2.    Arranging finances
3.    Room inventory and other relevant stuff
4.    Immunization and vaccinations 
5.    Health Insurance 
6.    University card and orientation formalities 
7.    Accommodation arrangements 
8.    Preparing to study 

Visa and Other Relevant Documents 

Generally, if you are an international student you will need a visa to study at the destination of your choice. Once you get the admission in your desired university the next step is applying for your visa and arranging your documents in order. Do you have a dependent accompanying you? Do you have all the required documents for the student visa? 
Applying for a successful student visa takes time and you should keep time aside for the visa process. Ideally, you should apply for the student visa well in advance of your academic session. 

Arranging Finances

The university programs are costly, and you need to categorize your expenses to reduce the financial burden a course can bring on you. Bring enough money with you to cover your first-semester tuition, fees, books, and at least three months of living expenses. 
You can find out about the part-time work opportunities in case you are interested in working along with your studies to support yourself through a little extra money. 

Room Inventory and Other Relevant Stuff

There will be a number of things you will need to start your new life at the university. It could include your personal belongings, Books, academic gowns and any other relevant stuff you might need. You may choose to have your belongings shipped beforehand for a hassle-free start at the university. 

Immunization and Vaccinations 

Many universities require all students to meet the Immunization and vaccination requirement prior to the start of their session. You should carefully review all the immunization requirement mentioned by the university and find out how to meet these requirements. 


Find out whether your university requires its students to have health insurance or enrol in any health insurance program sponsored by them. Some colleges have insurance policies that cover their students' belongings. You will have to complete all these formalities before starting your session. You might also be interested in finding out whether there is any student financial plan that assists students in this regard. 

University Card and Orientation Formalities 

When you arrive at the university you will have to obtain some sort of identification card or university card. You should find out about these beforehand and keep all the required documents ready to get it done. Upon reaching the university you must find out about the orientation program and how to enrol yourself into it. An orientation program is a great way to familiarize yourself with the new environment and prepare better for the program.  

Accommodation Arrangements 

Most colleges provide rooms for first-year undergraduates. Students need to find their own accommodation in the second and third year of college. Find out about the accommodation options provided by your college. If your college does not provide accommodation, then you need to arrange for it before the start of your session. 

Preparing to Study 

If you are required to do any preparation for your course before you arrive, your college or department will send you details using the contact details that you have provided. 
You should find information and advice on academic good practice, including managing your time efficiently, developing good reading and note-taking skills and the importance of referencing correctly before starting your academic session.  


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