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Did you hear about gotouniversity’s ‘compare universities’ tool!
Its incredible how this tool can help you pin down your ideal university with just a few clicks. Here you can find information about universities and compare their global rankings, regional rankings, tuition fees, cost of living, test scores required and the number of students (local & international) who attend the university.

All this information is provided together in our tool for easier comparison. No more scanning the internet to gather information from different tabs and comparing it manually. Our ‘Compare Universities’ tool does it right here for you and saves all the time and energy that can be used in the tedious application processes. But we can help you with that too (click here to know how).

How the compare university tool works?
So let’s show you what we are really talking about. Let’s compare some of the most popular universities and see how they compare against each other. Below is a screenshot of our compare universities tool where you can select up to four universities and eight areas of comparison!

So we selected – Columbia University, Harvard University and Princeton University. By selecting Business and Management as the subject, we are making sure the tool compares these universities for all of its Business and Management courses.

The results appear as displayed in the image below. It is very clear that Harvard is ranked 1st among these three universities by US News and Times Higher Education but it is also interesting to see how Columbia is ranked 7 by Financial Times.
Moving further down are the Subject ranking (Business Management) followed by Academic requirements and Cost of tuition and living. Here you have all the essential information organized in an orderly manner that makes it very easy to compare. And finally, information compared here plays a major role is helping you decide which is the most ideal university for you.


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Choosing the right university can be a very stressful process and GoToUniversity is here to guide you at each step of this process. Jump onto our compare universities tool and finalize your university today! For further assistance or questions, please click here to contact our academic counselors’ to book your free educational counseling session with us today.


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My suggestion, Can we compare Indian colleges & global universities

does it give option to compare universities in Kuwait


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