Courses offered at Brunel University

Brunel University has successfully performed well in all annual rankings of the UK universities every time a report is published. The Guardian or The Times credit the university's strong rendition in assessing quality teaching as the biggest strength that attracts young students from not only every corner of the UK but worldwide. 

It is rightly referred to as a university for a changing world given its diversity in offered programs, courses, and disciplines. 

If you desire to study in the UK, Brunel University grabs the top spot in every parameter: affordability, great international ranking, diverse crowd, and an engaging course curriculum.

Programs and Courses Offered 

The three collegiate Brunel University functions with different disciplinary departments. Together, they offer a range of programs at the foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate, and research levels. 

If you need help deciding which programs and courses to take, you can always get help from study abroad, consultants. Its three research institutes of the university are recognized worldwide for their outstanding reports and publications. 

It provides many bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. The top-ranked university also provides opportunities for student exchange, language courses, and e-learning. Its qualified faculties have received training from globally recognized institutes. 

Pupils can attend foundation programs, evening lectures, and skill development training. The university also organizes systematic exhibitions annually to exhibit the work of its final-year students. 

The three constituent Academic Colleges of the university offer the following popular courses that attract students across the globe for their one-of-a-kind curriculum, faculty, and infrastructure. Look at the top programs at Brunel University under the next heading.

  • Programs offered by the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences:

The college offers three-year full-time and four-year full-time courses in

​1. Chemical Engineering

2. Computer Science

​3. Civil and Environmental Engineering

4. Electronic and Computer Engineering

5. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

6. Mathematics

  • Programs offered by the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences:

The college provides the following popular full-time courses for three or four years.

​1. Arts and Humanities

2. Brunel Law School

3. Education

4. Economics and Finance

5. Social and Political Sciences

  • Courses offered by the College of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences:

The Brunel Medical School offers the following popular courses: 

1. Life Sciences

2. Health Sciences

Online courses offered by Brunel University

The university also offers online courses for students worldwide to study remotely. These are for a maximum duration of two years. The course includes MSc in advanced manufacturing systems, engineering management, global public health, health economics and policy, psychological sciences, etc. 

The placement record of the courses

The university is also known to provide record-breaking placements to the students enrolled in its courses. With every passing year, top recruiters across the globe come to the university to study in the UK in its placement drive for selecting students for various job profiles. 


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