Top Foundation Courses In UAE

Top Foundation Courses In UK

Foundation Program

The best way to get into the top 200 universities globally is through the foundation programs. 

What are Foundation Programs?

Foundation programs are also known as foundation degrees, pathway programs, foundation year studies or Pre University courses which include Pre Bachelors or Pre Masters that provides an entry route towards Bachelors and Masters Programs. The foundation programs are an alternate to A-Level or Grade 12 and this helps gain entry to top universities. The entry criteria to foundation programs of top universities are much less tough than direct entry to Bachelor or Master programs.

There are several foundation year programs available in subjects like Business, Law, Social Studies, Science, Medicine, Engineering, I.T and more which aids in guaranteed admission to specific Bachelors/Masters in the same university. Foundation Programs help students to decide whether they are willing to pursue their degree program further or switch the discipline or university.

Why Choose Foundation Programs?

Guaranteed Progression: It provides you with the right set of skills and knowledge, leading to a guaranteed progression to one of the top universities.
Personalized Focus: The whole objective of the program is to prepare students for entry into top universities. This leads to smaller classes, personal tuition, one on one focus and much more.
Additional English Support: Increase your language proficiency during the program which can be helpful while studying abroad. Separate English classes are organized for students needing extra focus.
Easy Admissions: The traditional entry into good universities post A level is highly competitive. Foundation program entry requirements are not that tough.

How our GTU Admission Consultants can help you achieve your goal to find the right option for you?
-Free counselling by our dedicated admission consultants
-Experts will help you choose the right universities, programs and destinations.
-Complete guidance on academic & entry requirements, cost, deadlines and documents required to apply
-Submission of Applications and fast turnaround time to get the offer letters.
-Identify scholarship opportunities and available discounts for you
-Accommodation and visa guidance

Top Foundation Programs in Business, Law, Social Studies, Science, Medicine, Engineering, I.T and more in below destinations:

Below are the best universities in the UK offering Foundation Programs

Foundation programs in UK, London

Coventry University, Keele University, Lancaster University, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Leeds, Middlesex University, University of Leicester and many more.

Below are the best Universities in UAE offering Foundation Programs.

Foundation Programs in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Murdoch University Dubai, Heriot-Watt University Dubai, Amity University, Curtin University, Middlesex University Dubai, Modul University and more.

Below are the best Universities in Australia &  New Zealand offering Foundation Programs

Australian National University College,  Flinders University, University of Western Australia,  AUT University, Massey University, Taylors College, The University of Auckland.


Below are the best Universities in USA offering Foundation Programs

Study Foundation programs in USA

American University, James Madison University, Merrimack, Roosevelt University, West Virginia University, Widener University, Oglethorpe University, Wheelock college and more.


Below are the best Universities in Europe offering Foundation Programs

University College Dublin, Tilburg University, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, RCSI, Lund University and the University of Amsterdam.


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My daugther want continue her study she is a nursing she is transfery frm philippine if possible

Good day sir. I want to study chemical engineering (post graduate) in any Canadian university that does not request for IELTS as my primary and only language of instruction is english. please advise me. Thank you

Thank you Abdulkabir, Our team will get back to you with required information

I want to study dental asistant course, pls help me


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