How can students work on their leadership skills and co-curricular activities to study abroad?

Co-curricular activities help students to comprehend themselves while engaging in several activities with various people. The importance and benefits of engaging in a co-curricular activity are numerous as it adds some meaningful characteristics to one’s university, academic, and daily life experiences. Overseas education consultants make sure while assisting you with your applications that you have worked and engaged yourself in some co-curricular activities as some previous experiences so that you could stand every chance of competing with others whether it is strengthening your personality, handling academic and extra activities together, or getting chosen. 

As soon as you land up in your dream university varied thoughts cross your mind like- surviving, upholding, learning, and adjusting to the new culture, new environment, different people, getting hold of a new language even, and a lot more things. Amidst such hassle, co-curricular activities are not something that you should leave behind as it helps you get adapted and adjusted to the environment, with different people, and assimilate certain skills that are required to sustain in a completely new atmosphere. An extracurricular activity is as important as your academics and carries a particular significance in your application and increases the chances of your selection. GoToUniversity’s overseas education consultants help you to mark and work for co-curricular activities to get admitted to a foreign university successfully. They also provide guidance on co-curricular activities and community services. Let’s look at a few points to how you can work on your leadership skills and co-curricular activities for your admission. 

Why is it important

Apart from your academics the university just wants to see your engagements and activities in other things and how active and interested you have been in participating in other things while studying. These things would give a reflection of your personality to the admission officers. There are many ways you can take up to work on your co-curricular activities and improve your leadership skills.

 Leading groups and volunteering 

There are many activities based on leadership and volunteering in schools and colleges these days, you can participate and opt to lead any team of sports, and events and choose to volunteer in certain campaigns, school matches, fests, and many more.

Internship or part-time teaching

You can work as an intern with some company or an organization part-time after school, which would make you flexible with different people, learn a new skill, work-life balance, etc. You can also tutor younger kids as well as a part-time teacher and get some amount in return. 

Play any sport

This option is always considered the favorite one of most students as playing a sport not only engages you and keeps you fit but, you learn leadership skills, team building, time management, and above all, keeps you fit and healthy. Playing a sport helps in relaxing your mind, and peaceful sleep, and overall maintains your lifestyle. 

Work with an NGO

This is also one of the activities students enjoy; it would count as community service as you serve the society and community. Joining NGO lets you connect with people of different age groups and volunteer in different activities to help them. There are many NGOs out there looking for youngsters' support and provide you with written experiences also. 

Arts and culture

Art and culture are other interesting activities to pursue if you wish to study abroad. Art and culture include- music, dance, painting, exhibitions, workshops, cultural programs, etc. You can pick any of the above activities to make your profile good and experience something different apart from academics and books.

Environment campaigns

One of the most spoken of topics in today’s world is the environment and many awareness camps are organized to spread awareness amongst people about keeping the environment clean and healthy. 

Debate and speech

If you like debating and giving speeches then this would be the best pick for you, debating is an amazing way of increasing your knowledge and staying up-to-date which ultimately enhances your personality and adds to leadership qualities.

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