How to find the best overseas education consultants in Abu Dhabi?

Overseas education is becoming the first preference of students these days. Many students immigrate to study abroad every year and they need proper guidance from an overseas education consultant as it is very complicated to take the accountability of such a detailed procedure on one’s shoulder. Getting into your Dream College or university in different countries demands a very careful strategy to stand out in a highly competitive environment. College applications have to be very comprehensive and it is a time-consuming task so one needs the assistance of an overseas education consultant. If you are tired of looking for the best overseas education consultants in Abu Dhabi then you must reach out to GoToUniversity, a platform where you can get assistance from several experienced consultants and make your admission process much easier. 

The process of getting admission overseas is not straightforward, that is why most people prefer to hire an overseas education consultant in Abu Dhabi. A consultant acts as a medium between the university and the students by helping students deal with all the obstacles that they face during their application process. The challenge that students come across is to select a university or program as per their academic qualifications. To choose what is right for them, the need for overseas education consultants becomes important and that is when the students require the best overseas education consultant. 

But the question persists how to know if the consultant is good and experienced enough to support you? To this question, we have brought you an outcome to all of your study overseas-related queries which is ‘GoToUniversity’. It has been helping students for years with its consultancy services all over the globe having one of the main centres in the UAE. You can find many overseas education consultants in Abu Dhabi who have every outstanding characteristic stated below that you might look for in the best overseas education consultant in Abu Dhabi.

Proper Knowledge

An overseas education consultant at GTU possesses great knowledge in the field of education services and strategies for the entire process of your admission concerning college, programs and enrolling you in the university of your dream. They are very well informed about the changes that take place in the procedures and keep themselves revised with beneficial information to guide you.

Experienced Counsellors

Our overseas education consultants in Abu Dhabi have minimum and maximum experience of 5-15 years in the field and have a proven record of a 99% success rate and over 90% of students get themselves enrolled in their first or second choice of university. All of our overseas education consultants in Abu Dhabi have a healthy track record of placing students in their selection of universities. You can visit the portal of GoToUniversity and have a glance at our best overseas education consultants in Abu Dhabi.

Career assessment 

Our overseas education consultants in Abu Dhabi provide you with an ample number of universities, courses, and program options according to your academic qualification and choices. Providing you with a sufficient number of choices displays their expertise and the way they manage everything concerning the further procedure.

Areas they assist with

Here at GTU, our consultants can direct you with the process which is relevant to your study abroad application like-

  • Profile assessment

  • University selection

  • Admission process

  • Categorising the documents

  • Financial assistance

  • Student Visa

  • MMI and Panel Interview preparation

  • Standardised test preparation

  • SoP preparation, personal statements preparation and college essays, etc

  • Scholarships guidance

  • Accommodation assistance

  • Pre-departure guidance

There are multiple services our overseas education consultants provide you with and GoToUniversity is one such site where you can get the responses to all of your study abroad-related questions. We have helped students gain admission to the best universities and colleges around the globe like Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, Singapore, New Zealand, etc. And also offers preparatory classes for students to help them prepare for college admissions and other acceptance requirements. The courses provided are SAT, BMAT, LSAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, UCAT, PTE, and ACT, and also guide interviews like MMI and PI for your admission. Our overseas education consultants assist you with every piece of information and essential detail which is relevant to the admission process.


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