How to Study MBBS without NEET for Indian Students?

The MBBS admission overseas without NEET accepts alternative tests replacing NEET, making it simpler for Indian candidates to join quicker. Twenty thousand Indian students are expected to study abroad by the year 2024, according to research firm Redseer. In several foreign countries, it is possible to get an MBBS degree without taking the NEET.

Studying MBBS in various countries allows applicants to get a qualification valued worldwide. Candidates seek MBBS programs at overseas institutions because of higher salary potential and superior facilities. Professional study abroad counseling is provided by MBBS abroad consultants, whose primary mission is to help Indian students realize their ambition of studying MBBS in a foreign country.

The Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in the UK

Eligibility requirements for students from India differ from those of other international students. Qualifications to study MBBS in the UK among Indian Students are:

  • The age requirement for the course is above 18.
  •  High university graduates from ICSE or the CBSE must have average or better grades (above 90%).
  •  The applicant must take one of many standardized examinations in the United Kingdom to get admission to the medical college. These include UK Clinical Aptitude Test- UKCAT, and Biomedical Admissions Test - BMAT.

Why choose the UK to study MBBS?

Depending on the medical university you attend, the MB (Bachelor of Medicine) in the UK might take from 5 to 6 years to complete. Each covers the same ground in surgery, medicine, and obstetrics, making them interchangeable. 

Let's look at why the United Kingdom is the best place for overseas students to study MBBS abroad

  • Top Colleges: Medical universities in the United Kingdom consistently do well. The United Kingdom is home to around thirty-four medical universities that all meet or exceed international standards for their MBBS programs.
  • Influential Ties: The top medical universities in the UK have strong connections to the medical community both at home and abroad. Thus, international students will have more options for internships and jobs after graduation.
  • Higher Salary: With a wage range of 67% greater than the rest of the world, the United Kingdom is a top choice for MBBS students worldwide.
  • Diverse Scholarships: Numerous scholarship programs in the United Kingdom are available to assist overseas students in realizing their goals of obtaining an MBBS degree in the country.

Apply for MBBS without NEET for the UK

Now that you know it is possible to enroll in an MBBS program overseas without taking the NEET, here is an explanation of how to do it:

  •  Identify which international institutions provide the best MBBS programs.
  •  Sort the approved universities into distinct categories according to the MBBS overseas with no NEET framework.
  • Verify that you meet the requirements to enroll at the MBBS institutions of your choice. Find out whether there are any other exams you need to take instead of NEET. Upon confirmation, submit an application to the institution together with all necessary documents by the due date.
  •  The next step is to apply for a student visa for the desired destination.


You can get an MBBS degree from a foreign institution without taking the NEET, which simplifies the admission procedure for candidates from India. Instead of spending many hours preparing for a single test, students can put all their energy into becoming competitive applicants to the world's best MBBS programs with the help of "Go To University". 
"GoToUniversity" is one of India's top MBBS abroad consultants. Getting into medical university has become easy now for MBBS without NEET with "GoToUniversity", So start your  MMI preparation under the guidance of experts to select a top university to study MBBS in the UK.

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