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Sustainable Engineering uses existing resources to sustain energy and meet energy needs without compromising future generations.

Renewable Engineering is study of cost-efficient renewable resources that have the potential of fulfilling the energy needs of humans.

Overview of the courses

Studying Sustainable Energy Engineering abroad provides you valuable technical skills to learn advanced engineering of renewable energy from natural sources-- such as wind, photovoltaic, thermo-mechanical energy, energy optimization, etc. while also informing you of the legislative and economic aspects of these methods.

While studying the subject, you will build a strong foundation of Core Engineering Principles and Applied Mathematics and Science. Some of the common topics you would be studying are: Solar and Wind Energy Systems; Energy Policies and Law; Thermodynamics; Mechanical Principles; and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Famous programmes in sustainable and renewable engineering

  • Bachelors in Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology
  • Bachelors in Climate and Supply Engineering
  • Master of Science with a Specialization in Energy and Management for Sustainable Development
  • Masters in Renewable Energy
  • MS Energy Resources Engineering

The top universities in the USA for renewable engineering are the University of Michigan, the Oregon Institute of Technology, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University.

The top universities in the UK for masters in renewable engineering are the University of Nottingham, the University of Manchester, and Imperial College London.

Why is the course trending?

Because of today’s enormous global environmental challenges such as global warming, biodiversity loss, and urban migration, countries are aiming to reduce their carbon emissions and meet international clean energy consumption/generation targets, which makes the job of a Renewable Energy Engineer vital to the process, hence, Study Abroad Courses In Sustainable Engineering are quite in demand these days.

According to a study, the need for Renewable Engineers is expected to rise by 15% between 2022 and 2023. The need for sustainability is there in every sector, be it Construction, Architecture, or Manufacturing and in every country. For example, in the UAE, a country where construction happens throughout the year, there has been a lot of work done in this sector so as to preserve the environment in a better form and to contribute to society.

Job opportunities

Since no economy in today’s world can function smoothly without employing sustainable or renewable practices in daily activities, sustainable and renewable engineering is a need for in the global economy now. Consequently, graduates from Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering can build their career in many areas (Energy Consulting, Investment Strategies, Products/Services Development, Waste Management and Recycling, etc.) to provide critical assessments on the use of renewable energy systems and develop innovative solutions to meet current sustainability challenges.

GoToUniversity has seasoned Overseas Admission Consultants for Sustainable Engineering who will provide you with all the assistance you need during your transition from senior secondary education to university education in this lucrative field of engineering.

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