Know the Pros and Cons of Gap Year

Why take a gap year before going off to college?
Talking about the pros of a gap year, there are personal, social, and academic benefits that come handy. Let’s take a close look at each of them.

Taking a leap off from the admission hustle and spending more on exploring different horizons of personal, social and academic fronts is what a gap year program offer. The concept was long back introduced by British elites in 1700 where they exposed themselves to diverse cultural and educational perspective in Europe. Educators, parents and students are accepting more gap year ideas to get a clear picture of future career perspective. There is a lot that a gap year has to offer after high school. Individuals can volunteer, work, intern, travel, independent study, or do all of this at the same time. But, since there are always two sides of a coin, there are few pros and cons of gap years. Let’s explore each of them in detail.

Pros of Taking a Gap Year

Increased probability of graduating on time
According to many statistics gap year, alumni are more likely to have completed graduation in four years or less compared to the national average of six years. A student who went to gap year universities has lower college transfer rates compared to college students. The clarity and skills development of a gap year enables a student to be sure about their studies and better performances at college.
Precise idea of career interests and major
A gap year program has a strong influence on a student’s major. These years of travel and exploration are a self-reflecting period for the student to find their inner self and choices that excite their interest. Gap years uncover hidden potentials and passions to ultimately find a sense of purpose for higher education.
Opportunity to rejuvenate after high school
A big reason behind exhausted graduates is the stress from finals, SATs, and college applications. Through gap year programs, a student gets an opportunity to travel overseas, be a part of purposeful projects, and motivates oneself for the upcoming academic future. As the gap year approaches its completion, the applicant feels a clearer sense of what he/she wants and how after high school.
Improve career opportunities
 Unquestionably the best of all, employers across the globe prefer gap year students moreover others. The reason because they are more mature, has better decision-making skills, leadership and exposure to a global audience. This certainly improves resume with a strong portfolio of work. 

Personal benefits of Taking a Gap Year

Increased self-awareness
Gap year programs involve a lot of travel and opportunities for cultural exchange. Such experiences help you have a more conscious awareness of oneself and its impact. Being exposed to a culture and living which is new makes a person more understanding and tolerant towards diversity. Gap year travels are more enlightening than vacations. 
Brings in maturity, and independence
According to a stud by American Gap Association found that 97% of gap year alumni respondents felt their gap year improved their maturity. a major pros of a gap year is that it includes activities like teaching or volunteering abroad that help students come out of their cocoons and step off their comfort zone. While it may seem quite a challenge to go through gap year adjustments and challenges, it turns out to be extremely empowering makes students more mature and independent.
Better education decision.
With maturity and independence, a student is capable of taking charge of their academic decisions in a better manner. Your gap year will develop your ability to take charge of and own an educational experience like never before. After years of guided academic structure, a student is capable of navigating and managing academic future in a more prolific manner.

Cons of a Gap Year‚Äč

With every unconventional choice, challenge comes handy. Some of the cons of a gap year include:
Loss of a year
A gap year means a year behind peers. Students considering gap year programs will be a year behind on academics. However, this shouldn’t affect the momentum and idea of higher studies. A lot of individuals have reported to find it challenging to get back to academics after a gap year program. Make sure that the gap year involves a lot of studies about future endeavours that will encourage further studies.
Gap years can be financially draining. The expenses related to the gap year depend on what the end result is. If the gap year involves a lot of travelling then certainly expenses will be pretty high. If a student wants to pursue an expensive course then managing gap year expenses is extremely crucial to save for future studies. Even if a student spends the year working, they still have to budget for the day-to-day expenses.
A gap year is only successful if a student is very focused and dedicated. Any shift of desire or plan can turn out not so good. So take the year off only if the individual is confident that it will enrich their life.

Top 10 Gap year programs 2019-20

1.CIEE Global Navigator

2. Pacific Discovery
3. Broad Futures
4. Camps International
5. Warriors Academy
6. Where There Be Dragons
7. American University Gap Year Program
8. Amigos De Las Americas
9. Year On
10.Winterline Global Skills Program

Top 10 Gap year universities

6. Elon University
7. St. Norbert College
8. The New School
9. Peace Corps
10. AmeriCorps
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