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Medical Universities in the UK

Medicine is considered one of the most competitive courses and the UK is a popular student destination for medical courses. Every year thousands of international students are accepted into top medical school to provide bright career opportunities to them. 

Why UK?

The UK is a student friendly country, learn more about top reasons to study in UK,  UK has over 34 medical schools that are ranked among the best universities by recognized authorities like QS World University Ranking. Besides highest rankings, the UK is the second country after the United States in research in the field of medicines. The country also claims the second-highest number of Nobel Prizes for medicine since 1901, more advanced than Germany. Studying medicine in the UK is a chance to grab the world-leading expertise in research-intensive establishments.

Careers options to choose in Medicine.

The medicine discipline has ample of options for students to specialize in, and these fall under the following categories: 

• Anaesthetics
• Medicine
• Pathology
• Psychiatry
• Radiology
• Surgery

Medicine Entry Requirements

The requirements to study medicine in the UK are strict and exhausting. Interviews held by universities are tough and students should be prepared with a list of relevant work, personal interests, all previous achievements, including relevant work experience. A number of medical schools will also require completion of the clinical aptitude test called UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test). Below is a step by step guide of the procedure starting from pre-admission phase to completion. Now, many universities have started conducting Multiple Mini Interviews(MMI) as a final step for the admissions. The MMI is based to test many non-academic traits like communication skills, empathy and team spirit. The strength of the score will determine whether or not the student is offered a place. Medical schools provide details of how the MMI will work before a student attend the test. 

STEP 1: For undergraduate

If you decide you want to study medicine at the undergraduate level, students will need AAA grades, with either Chemistry or Biology a requirement in the high school. For international students aspiring to study Medicine at the undergraduate level, the aspirant must have an IELTS score of no less than 7 across all four categories - reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

STEP 2: Medical Foundation Programs

Once the student has completed the two years of undergraduate study they are moved on to Foundation training. This aims at bringing together all the medical professionals like medical school graduates, postgraduates and established health care providers. Once completed, the student heads over to the specialist training course.

STEP 3: Medical Speciality Training

After the completion of four-years of study, the fifth year is a clinical placement after which a  student applies for two years of Doctor’s Foundation course. The student can opt for specialization after this foundation program. Training  can last for  up to seven years, and upon completion, the student is awarded a Certificate of Completion Training (CCT).

About University Clinical Aptitude Test

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is part of the selection process of some UK medical and dental schools. It is an online test that aims to test cognitive abilities, attitudes, critical thinking, and logical reasoning of the applicants. It comprises of four reasoning tests and one situational judgment test.

Verbal Reasoning

   Assesses ability to think logically about written information and arrive at a reasoned conclusion: 21 minutes, with 11 passages to read and 44 questions.‚Äč

Quantitative reasoning

   Assesses ability to solve numerical problems: 24 minutes, 9 tables, charts, graphs etc. as information and 36 questions.

Abstract Reasoning

  Assesses ability to infer relationships from information by convergent and divergent thinking: 13 minutes and 55 questions.

Decision Analysis

  Assesses ability to deal with various forms of information to infer relationships, make informed judgements, and decide on an appropriate response: 32 minutes,

  1 scenario full of information and 28 questions (basic calculator  provided)

Situational Judgement

  Measures responses in situations, and hold over medical ethics: 27 minutes and 67 questions on 20 scenarios.


Following universities mandate the UCAT test for applicants:

• University of Aberdeen
• Aston University
• University of Birmingham
• University of Bristol
• Cardiff University
• University of Dundee
• University of East Anglia
• University of Edinburgh
• University of Exeter
• University of Glasgow
• Hull York Medical School
• Keele University
• King's College London
• University of Leicester
• University of Liverpool
• University of Manchester
• University of Newcastle
• University of Nottingham
• Plymouth University
• Queen Mary, University of London
• Queen's University Belfast
• University of Sheffield
• University of Southampton
• University of St Andrews
• St George's, University of London
• University of Warwick
Best Universities to study Medicine in the UK
University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine
• Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, UoL
• University of Birmingham, School of Medicine
• Brighton and Sussex Medical School
University of Bristol, Faculty of Medicine
• University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine
Cardiff University, School of Medicine
• University of Central Lancashire Medical School
University of Dundee, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing
University of Edinburgh, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
• University of Exeter, Medical School
• University of Glasgow, College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences
• Hull York Medical School
• Imperial College School of Medicine, London
Keele University, School of Medicine
• Lancaster University, Faculty of Health & Medicine
University of Leeds, School of Medicine
• University of Leicester, Leicester Medical School
• University of Liverpool, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
• London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Postgraduate Medical School) 
University of Manchester, Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
• Newcastle University Medical School
• Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia 
• University of Nottingham, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division
• Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry
• Queen's University Belfast, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
• University of Sheffield, School of Medicine
• University of Southampton, School of Medicine
• University of St Andrews, Faculty of Medical Sciences
• St George's, University of London
• Swansea University Medical School
University College London, University College Medical School 
• University of Warwick, Warwick Medical School

How to apply?

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Academic Ranking of World Universities

  1. Number of Nobel laureate and Field medallists’ alumni.

  2. Nobel laureate and Field medallists’ staff.

  3. Research papers published in the field of science, social science and nature.

  4. Per capita academic performance of the institution.

QS World University Rankings

  1. Academic peer review.

  2. Student and faculty citations ratio.

  3. Proportion of international students and faculty.

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

  1. Citation research influence.

  2. Learning environment.

  3. Volume of research, income and reputation.

  4. International staff and student ratio.

  5. Research income from industry.

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