Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Studying in Canada is always a dream for all the students out there. A person can spend their lifetime exploring Canada. It has always been considered one of the world’s leading centres for all higher education. Canada is recognized as one of the outstanding countries in terms of its education sector.

Canada is frequently rated as one of the wealthiest nations and the best place for all the students who want to study abroad. Multilingual individuals can serve as translators. Since Canada is a multicultural nation, translation services are all in high demand. It has been always said that if a student acquires a professional degree from any university in Canada it’s the student's best decision.

There are multiple benefits students get when they decide to study in Canada. When resident student has personal time after class, they can make money while they are still in school by working on campus. Canada always offers a higher standard of living. A Canadian student visa allows you to work 20 hours a week in a paying job. Nonetheless, this is the greatest number of hours you are permitted to work, and you are able to work fewer.

Talking about one of the major benefits for students in Canada is the scholarships which are offered to them by all these Canadian universities. Just like studying there, settling there is also a dream for many. A major benefit of Canada is providing all these international students with permanent residence or job opportunities.

People there in Canada are extremely warm, friendly and welcoming. The country has a lot to offer to international students. If you want to study in Canada, you can take the help of a Canada Study Consultant, like GoToUniversity to assist you with your dream college. Some of the Best Universities in Canada are as follows:

  1. The University of Toronto.
  2. McGill University.
  3. the University of British Columbia.
  4. McMaster University.
  5. The University of Montreal.

All of these are among the top 5 Universities in Canada. Some of the top university courses in Canada – are MBA, Business and finance, Agriculture Science, Psychology and Human Resources, Media and journalism.

Students even go for these overseas educational consultants who guide them and advise them regarding the universities and courses. Overall, this whole application process is very messed up but with the help and guidance of consultants, it can be a hassle-free application process for students.

While studying, doing work in Canada is a great experience for any student. The best part is if you are on a Canadian Student visa, the person is allowed to work for 20 hours a week for a paid job there. If a student is working there for a part-time job, they are paid there according to the hours they work. If any student wishes to work off-campus, first that student needs to apply for off-campus work permission from their university after completing at least six months of his/her study as this permit will allow the student to work for a maximum of 20 hours or week off-campus. Job experience is needed as part of working in Canada. Now the main question out there is How do Find a Part-Time Job in Canada?

Just like all other universities, all the colleges and universities in Canada, each student has a student portal which provides part-time internships, projects and job opportunities as well. Besides, opting for a part-time job will ease your financial expenditures, and help you have a source of income. Taking into consideration the cost of living in a foreign country, a part-time job will help you have some savings of your own, while you gain experience during your academic years. 

For example, Part-Time work in cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, bookstores, and libraries. It might be a bit challenging, in the beginning, to manage your hours between studying and working, but gradually, you will be able to pick up the pace and manage both things concurrently. 

With ample part-time job opportunities in Canada, let’s look into some of the part-time job opportunities in Canada

  1. Cook.
  2. Teacher.
  3. Job of a translator.
  4. Clerk.
  5. Freelancers
  6. Content writer
  7. University Libraries on-campus
  8. Bookstore services on and off-campus
  9. Interns and assistants 


An Overseas Education Consultant, GoToUniversity provides a stage to connect students from all over the world with different types of universities which are suitable for their careers and empower them to make the right choice for themselves.

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