PLAB or UKMLA - What to expect and how to prepare?

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International doctors who want to practice medicine in the UK must pass the PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) exam which will soon be replaced by the UKMLA. It is a licensing examination for foreign healthcare workers and medical students in the UK. You must take and pass the PLAB exam if youwant to practice medicine in the UK, as it evaluates the characteristics of a good international doctor. GoToUniversity has a strategic partnership with Arora Medical Education – a UK based institution, wherein the aspiring doctors would attain the right guidance and preparation from the experts.

Format of the Exam

Your ability to perform on par with trainees beginning the second year of the Foundation Program in the UK is evaluated by the PLAB exam. It encompasses circumstances that are common, significant, or urgent, such as those that frequently come up in emergency rooms and the treatment of ongoing illnesses in primary care. The PLAB exam is divided into two parts, each of which can be taken once every two years.








3 Hours



18 Stations

18 minutes/Station

How to Prepare?

Any exam may be passed with the proper approach, direction, and planning. The purpose of the PLAB is to evaluate how well you would apply the knowledge you have learned while studying your MBBS degree and how well you could work and sustain in a medical setting. You will be put to the test in the PLAB exam using UK based advice and regulations. How would you perceive, handle, and manage the scenarios can be questioned in a diverse range of situations. Below are a few tips to prepare for the exam-

Daily planner

The first step in your PLAB preparation is to become familiar with the topics and timing of the exam you will take; this information can be obtained on the official website under the title of the PLAB Blueprint. This will help you plan your daily activities and ensure that your preparation is efficient. Keep in mind that the PLAB is an exam where you must apply the knowledge you learned to real life events that you may encounter when you are working as a doctor.

Get hold of your weaker areas

While every student has a particular area in which they excel naturally, you don't have to ignore your weaknesses in other areas. Therefore, you must identify your strong and weak points in order to organize your time effectively and practice your weaker parts more frequently rather than waiting until the last minute.

Set weekly targets

Setting smaller goals enables you to track your progress during PLAB preparation and ensures that you thoroughly cover the entire topic.

Take mock exams

You don't have to be concerned about the range of questions you will practice with thanks to Arora Medical Education. The time-restricted type of questions enables you to practice under pressure, exactly as on the official test. You can also enroll in their comprehensive and customizable online PLAB course, which offers 20+ hours of training and learning.

Create a time pressure environment

Yes! If you create goals within time limits, time and pressure will lead to greater results. To ensure that you are prepared for this type of environment and setting when you take the final exam, you may set a timer for everything you prepare, such as a half hour for a topic, a few hours for a mock exam, and another few hours for the revising session.

Be confident!

If you are enough confident during studying, you will also be sufficiently confident when taking the exam. You may develop your self-confidence while studying for the PLAB exam, and a positive approach will enable you to overcome whatever challenges you may experience.

PLAB is regarded as a difficult exam and should be taken seriously. If you prepare carefully, you can absolutely ace this exam and pass it like every other doctor who is already living the life you have dreamt of. Passing the PLAB exam is no longer a challenge in your quest to become a successful doctor with the assistance of GoToUniversity and its collaborator Arora Medical Education. Many people have already enrolled in and are still taking advantage of their PLAB preparation classes.

How to Register?

To register with Arora Medical Education, visit the webiste and avail of the different services listed below:

  • Online course
  • GMC Blueprint syllabus
  • Mock Exams
  • Audio Course
  • Guidelines Flashcards
  • Pharmacology Flashcards

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