Queen's University Belfast Study Guide

Queen's University Belfast is a top institution for higher education to study in Ireland. The University is a member of the Russell Group, an elite squad of research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom, and is ranked 85th in the world by the 2022's Impact University Ranking by Times Higher Education.

Choosing to enroll at Queen's University may turn out to be among the best decisions you ever make. The  Russell Group university emphasizes academic excellence, which means a degree that is valuable and relevant to you, which is Queen’s university USP.

It has over 200 degree options in all areas of study. Despite its international reputation, Queen's University Belfast is regarded as one of the most cost-effective study abroad universities in the UK.

How To Apply?

The University has clear instructions on its online admission portal, which is accessible from the university website. The following are the important considerations you must consider before filling out the application form to study in Ireland.

Requirements for Admission

  • Check the entry requirements for the programs you want to study, including what subject areas and grades you need.
  • If you are considering applying to Queen's, you should be aware of the General Entrance Requirement and the Course Prerequisites for your chosen course.

Part-time education

  • The part-time study should get applied for going straight to the University rather than through UCAS.
  • Entry requirements for the part-time daytime survey are identical to those for the full-time option.
  • Inquire with Admissions as well as Access Service about the part-time study.
  • Inquire about the part-time study with Admissions and Access Service.

Direct Application

International applicants who want to apply to Queen's University can use the Direct application form. Before submitting an official UCAS application, they are required to provide information. Please remember that the direct registration form does not apply to medicine or dentistry.

If you have already applied to Queen's or another UK university through UCAS, please contact the Queen's Admissions Office upon submitting your direct entry application. 

Please follow the steps below for successful submission of the application:

  • The Direct Entry Application form must be completed and returned as soon as possible to the address - Admissions and Access Service, Lanyon North, Queen's University Belfast, Belfast BT7 1NN. Scanned applications should get emailed to [email protected]
  • Authenticated copies of your academic records, such as high school diplomas, proof of your proficiency in the English language, and, if applicable, transcripts from any university studies, should be included. Documents should be inspected and emailed to [email protected] along with the application form.       

Fee Structure

Queen's University's fee structure is based on the residentship of the candidate.

Students living in England, Wales, or Scotland (Great Britain Students), are charged a tuition fee equivalent to £9,250 per annum for all full-time undergraduate programs. However, the fees for international students are categorized into -

  • Fee rate 1 (classroom-based courses) (British Pounds £ ) - 18,800
  • Fee rate 2 (laboratory) (British Pounds £ ) - 23,100
  • Fee rate 3 (pre-clinical) / FR4 (clinical) (British Pounds £ ) - 34,450


Queen's University Belfast is a dream destination for many students who wish to study abroad. The University has a relatively simpler admission process and serves its best to offer a quality educational atmosphere to a student. 

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