50% Reduction on Tuition Fees at Queen’s University Belfast

Compared to many other highly respected British colleges, Queen’s University Belfast provides more affordable tuition and living costs. Depending on your level of study and the course you select, different costs will apply. Let’s look into the cost structure in detail in this article:

  • International Attainment Scholarship of the Vice-Chancellor

Exceptionally brilliant overseas students beginning full-time undergraduate studies in the academic year 2022/23 are eligible for four scholarships. They will also be eligible for a 50% discount on full international tuition fees offered by the Overseas Education Consultant. 50% off the full tuition costs paid for all program years, up to a maximum of four years (Including advanced entry into Year 2 or Year 3).

Those candidates are only eligible who are considered for the Vice Chancellor's International Attainment Scholarship-Undergraduate. They also need to confirm Queen's University Belfast as their FIRM choice by their UCAS deadline. If these two requirements are not fulfilled, the application does not pass through the evaluation process.

Terms and Conditions

1.    Students must have an offer for a full-time eligible undergraduate program and they must have satisfied any academic and language requirements stated in their offer letter before beginning their studies.

2.    For this discount to be taken into account, students must be identified as foreign fee-paying students who are paying the international tuition fee rate. The Undergraduate Vice Chancellor's International Attainment Scholarship is not available to students who pay NI/GB/ROI fees.

3.    Awarded annually for a total of four years, the scholarship will pay for 50% of the total cost of tuition.


Students who are studying abroad are not eligible for any scholarships from the university. But the US Department of Education recognises Queen's University Belfast ranking as a Federal Direct Loan Program participant. Thus students have the option to consult the loan institutions in their home country to learn about their options.

Scholarship for Queen's Loyalty: Students returning from exchange programs and study abroad programs to Queen's University Belfast will get a 20% tuition fee discount for the first year of their full-time undergraduate degree.

  1. Scholarship for the Queen's Family: Children, siblings, and brothers of Queen's alumni and current students starting a full-length study at Queen's University Belfast will get a 20 per cent tuition price discount for the first year of study.

  2.  Students from the USA: For undergraduate students from the United States with modest financial resources who want to study and intern abroad, the Gilman program offers scholarships.

 Are there any plans to lower UK tuition?

The tuition price ceiling will remain at £9,250 for an additional two years, including the academic year 2024 to 25. This move by the government will lower the actual cost for students.

International admissions professionals and representatives from well-known Admission Consultants in the UK for universities will attend the exhibition. They will be there to answer any questions prospective students may have about courses, entry criteria, scholarships, housing, and visas in one-on-one conversations.

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