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Many of your students may be eligible for scholarship but you are not even aware of that. The common perception around people is that only top students get the scholarship, However, there is a scholarship available for almost every student applying for university admission. There are multiple categories of scholarships which university offers to international students.  Universities around the world spend billions of dollars every year on scholarships. It is important to find out a right university which will offer you a scholarship.

The scholarship is a financial aid which is awarded to students on the basis of different circumstances and is classified under varied categories. Most often students do find it difficult to look for the right scholarship options which suit best to their needs.

Studying overseas does come expensive especially when you go to destinations like USA, Canada, U.K, Australia and New Zealand. Numerous categories are available for scholarships from which students can choose and avail the financial aid. Listed below are some of the most common scholarships which are usually available in universities:

Merit-Based: Students with excellent academic, sporty or creative abilities are entitled to this kind of scholarship which may be awarded through some private organisation or the respective intended institution where the student desires to study.

Need-Based Financial Aid: Based on the student’s family income and economic circumstances one can check and apply for scholarships in the respective university.

Course-Based: Some universities offer scholarships based on the selection of courses which comes under their list of occupational skills and the need for professionals in fields such as Nursing, Healthcare, Education, and Research-based programs.

Scholarship Just for You:  Most universities will not list such scholarships on their website however they are open and flexible to work out a scholarship just meant for a student like you. Based on your academics, social economic background, ethnicity, extra-curricular activities etc, Universities may work out a scholarship for you.

Contest Based: Universities host innovative and creative contests in their institution and these kinds of scholarships are awarded to the deserving students.

Entrance Test Based: Universities conduct entrance tests to qualify for a certain amount of scholarship in their respective institution.

Early Bird Scholarships: Early bird scholarships are offered to international students wherein they can avail the benefit of waiver on their tuition fees or housing/accommodation.

Community Service Based: If one has contributed to community services and served for any social cause then you may be eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Other Types of Scholarship: There are other scholarships such as:

  • Scholarship for Minorities
  • Scholarship for women
  • Scholarship for men
  • First in Family Scholarship
  • Sponsored Scholarship
  • Sibling Scholarship and many more.

Even if you could not get the scholarship prior to your admission, you can do so even after your enrolment. Avail the several scholarships and financial aid such as Student Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship, Research Assistantship, Graduate Assistantship and others.

Tips for Students:

  1. Seek guidance
  2. Apply early
  3. Look for universities which are generous in scholarship
  4. Talk to your admission consultant or university counsellor
  5. Do not send an incomplete application
  6. Provide all the information needed for you to qualify for a scholarship
  7. Do not get trapped into scholarship scams

If you need a detailed orientation on the type of scholarship you are eligible for and how to apply for financial aid, Contact our GTU Admission Consultant who can assist you find the right scholarships and funding suitable for your profile.


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