Scholarships in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most beautiful destinations for international students to study and live. It offers a unique mix of western and Middle Eastern culture with a great existence of history. Beautiful architecture and a vast ancient infrastructure makes Turkey one of the most top rated destinations to visit. And students grab the opportunity to study in Turkey as it gives them enough time to live and explore this country with rich heritage and historical presence. 

Scholarship programs in Turkey

Turkey has also initiated various schemes to encourage students to study here. The government offers scholarships to students at various levels of education. And the government of Turkey offers scholarships to international students from all the countries in the world. Those thinking of studying in turkey and want to avail the scholarships in Turkey must start preparing right now. The scholarships in Turkey can be applied via online applications and the deadlines are in March of every year. 

International students can apply for scholarships for bachelors, masters and doctoral programs. There are various criteria’s that the government of Turkey has established to qualify for these scholarships.

education programs in turkey

Some of the criteria are:

Age barrier:
Students applying for scholarships in Turkey have to meet the strict age barrier criteria that have been set by the Turkish government. Those applying for bachelors should not be born before Jan 1st, 1997. Those applying for masters should not be born before Jan 1st, 1988 and for PhD’s not before January 1st, 1973.

Other criteria:
Students already studying in Turkey cannot apply for this scholarship and those who have Turkish citizenship are not qualified. Popular countries from where students are granted scholarships by the Turkish government are Pakistan, Germany, Iceland, Myanmar, United States, UAE and many more.

The turkey scholarships also select applicants based on the University entrance exam, diploma grades, and average grades of the student, high school graduation certificate, international trade and CGPA. 

Study in Turkey

Different benefits of turkey scholarships for international students

Free Accommodation
All students who receive scholarships in Turkey can live in the student dormitories in the university for free of cost. Most of the students find this a very feasible option as it is within the university premises and allows them to participate in extracurricular activities at the university too. 

Free Tuition
Students who receive a scholarship from the Turkish government also do not have to bear the tuition expenses and can study to their full potential for free of cost. 

Health and Travel expenses
If you are a scholarship student in Turkey, you don’t have to worry about health insurance as you are covered under public health insurance. This is one of the most attractive features of scholarships in Turkey, they cover all your health expenses. Moreover, the scholarships also cover all your travel and other miscellaneous expenses. 

The Turkish government also do not have to bear the tuition expenses and can study to their full potential for free of cost. 

Education programs in Turkey

Popular scholarships in Turkey

International Scholarship at Istanbul Aydin University
Merit-based scholarships for MBA students at Sabanci University
Tubitak Comsats Postdoctoral Fellowship for International students in Turkey
TRT World Fellowship for international students in Turkey

There are many more scholarship programs in Turkey and have online applications. Most of the scholarships are for students with a strong command in English and hence the online applications are in English. Gotouniversity helps students apply to these scholarships and avail its benefits. 

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I want to get this opportunity as soon as possible to complete my Masters program can you please guide me about this scholarship program.?

Your Comment I am Rwandan,I live in Kigali I would like to apply for a scholarship in your beautiful country. I would like to study industrial engineering. I will appreciate if you can give me such an opportunity. I would also love to learn the Turkish language and learn more about your country and Turkish culture

I am a South African born citizen, living in Cape Town. I would like to apply for a scholarship in your beautiful country. I would like to study in the field of Agriculture or Science. I will appreciate if you can give me such an opportunity. I would also love to learn the Turkish language and learn more about your country and Turkish culture.

I need a scholarship to help fund my university expenses,im currently doing SAT to prepare for university dates,i really hope you can assist me.

Im very intrested in turkish scholarships and am hoping you can assit me and guide me

Hello i wanted to study managment deggree

Would like to get a bachelors degree in business.

hello . Want to study MBBS in Turkey through scholarship. what the process

Hello, I would like to get some help to find a proper scholarship for universities in Istanbul

I wanna master degree

hello, i am studying in Ukraine doing bachelor of dental surgery in 1st year can i move to any turkish university if ita possible tell me and how much it costs, just to transfer. thankyou waiting for your mail

I need a free scholarship to study and achieve my dreams by God willed Insahallahu.

Need assistance in scholarship for Business administration

I need assistance in scholarship for bachelors in Business Administration. Thank you

I want to apply for trt world scholarship for international student

I am searching for scholarship in masters in clinical dentistry

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