Services Differences Between Paid Vs Free Overseas Education Consultants

Services Differences Between Paid Vs Free Overseas Education Consultants

India occupies the Top Spot among countries that have a large number of study-abroad aspirants visiting other countries for higher studies or research. Having said that, it’s never an easy task for these bright students and their families to decide which one is the right university to invest a lot of money in. As a result, they end up wasting precious time calculating the pros and cons of different universities/ study courses and getting frustrated in the process. 

While there are multiple options available for studying abroad, choosing one that provides a suitable environment for the student to spend at least four years fruitfully is difficult. Hence, it is important that parents and students seek proper expert guidance before taking a final decision.

Most career-focused candidates seek professional consultation with education experts who specialize in counselling study abroad students. These counsellors keep updated with all necessary information on a student visa, scholarship schemes, educational loans, and much more. They collect information from reliable resources such as university representatives so that you know exactly what you will be dealing with. They can also suggest options to help build your career.

Now that we know the important role Education Consultants play in the study abroad process, let’s discuss the two broad types of consultancies operating at the moment. Consultancy services are classified into two types: FREE and Paid. Let’s have a look at the Differences Between Paid Vs Free Overseas Education Consultants:

Advantages of Free Overseas education consultants

  • You may get a good chance of admission with free study abroad consultants service too.
  • Some free study abroad consultants work pro bono, although the good ones among them don’t take on too many students.
  • Free study abroad consultants and universities are partners, so your admission is certain.
  • With free consultants on board, your application will be prioritised if you choose any of the universities your consultant has offered you.

Disadvantages of Free Overseas education consultants

  • Free study abroad consultants nurture relationships with only specific universities so they may try and convince you for only these options. Although most students find it more convenient to apply for shortlisted universities, as opposed to selecting from a larger number, there are several reasons that may come to the fore once the student has enrolled.

Advantages of Paid Overseas education consultants

  • The idea of applying to a university is a dream for many students. Although admission is not guaranteed, the applicant gets the choice to apply to Tier-1 and Tier-2 universities.
  • If you are not satisfied with the education counsellor, you also have the option of terminating the contract whenever you want.

Disadvantages of Paid Overseas education consultants

  • Students who are applying through paid consultants should ensure they have hired the best education consultancy for their purpose to get the best services.
  • Paid education consultants can’t help the student if he/she doesn’t have an excellent academic profile, because a strong secondary school performance is very important during the application process.
  • Most paid education counsellors take on too many students at a time and can't dedicate an ample amount of time individually for each applicant. So it’s very important that the student/parents seek out ones who are serious and dedicated.
  • So just like with an expensive education counsellor, applying through these limited spots means that one's admission may or may not be guaranteed (also, chances are there will be cheaper options available).

The right education consultant service can redirect you to the right decision of applying to universities abroad. It is your decision to choose free or paid overseas education consultants but choosing the proper and reputed consultants like say, GoTo University ensures that you get top quality guidance that you are seeking for your further education. GoTo University, especially, is one of the best study abroad portals because it hires the best study abroad consultants to help you secure your admission to your desired university.

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