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Situated in the northwestern coast of the European mainland, United Kingdom of Great Britain, popularly known as “The UK” is not only known for its culture, tradition and prominent nightlife but also for its education system and universities.

Attracting about 40-60% of international students every year, the UK has captured a considerable part of the educational market. With so many universities and students, the student accommodation options in the UK are also blooming year by year. 

International Students in UK, Worried about getting confused and wasting your time and money on the wrong accommodation choice? 

With so many housing options to choose from, students could quickly get confused and select the accommodation that might look like a cheaper accommodation option at first but later on, turned out to be a wrong choice. 

So, to save you from the trouble and help you get a clearer idea about all the student accommodation types and housing options, we have created a guide on student accommodation in the UK.


The UK is home to around 170 higher education institutions with a wide range of degree types spread across the major cities of London, Glasgow, Birmingham Sheffield, Manchester and many more.  
With London being the capital city of the UK, you will find a lot of recognized universities as compared to other cities in the United Kingdom. However, the student accommodation in London is also quite expensive as compared to accommodation options in Sheffield, Glasgow, Manchester and other cities. 
Thanks to its world-class universities, up to date education courses and impressive teaching staff, it is quite clear as to why Britain has turned into a popular educational destination for students from other nations.  Apart from this, any qualification gained in the United Kingdom is highly regarded off internationally.

Now with university decided, the next question which arises is, what are your accommodation options and how to apply for budget-friendly student accommodation in the UK?  

So without wasting any time, let's dive into all the housing options in the UK.

Accommodation options in the UK are broadly divided into three categories:

On-campus Housing
Off-campus Housing/ Private Halls
Private Housing


On-campus housing refers to an apartment/room/dorms where all the students can live together. The on-campus housing as the name suggests, is a housing option which is located inside the campus. 

Private hall/Off-campus student housing refers to a rented apartment/ hall which is shared among all the residents/ students with an attached common kitchen and bathroom. 

Private housing refers to renting out a whole house/ apartment to yourself. This might be the best option if you prefer having a place all to yourself. This is one of the costlier accommodation options among all the others.

With you having a brief idea about all the housing option, let’s now have a detailed comparison of all the three student accommodation option for better understanding!





On- Campus  Housing 

Off-Campus  Housing

Private Housing

Price Point

On-campus housing are significantly pricier as compared to other options.

Off-Campus Housing is the most budget-friendly accommodation option for students.

Private housing is  less expensive than the On-campus housing but is costlier as compared to Off-campus housing. 


They are usually super close to the campus

Varies from apartment to apartment.

Varies according to which private housing you opt.


These are the noisiest ones as compared to others.

Apart from the sounds of partying, off-campus are much quieter as compared to on-campus

Private housing is the most peaceful housing options amongst all the other accommodation options. 

Social life 

You get to enjoy a more active social life while living amongst your friends and faculty.

You will get to enjoy a considerable less vibrant social life 

as compared to On-Campus.

Social life is limited as compared to off-campus and on-campus housing.


On-campus has a lot of rules and regulations that have to be followed

There is a minimal restriction in the off-campus housing

There is almost no restriction as you have the place all to yourself.


Limited amenities are provided for the students.

A lot of amenities including Wifi, cafeteria, kitchen etc. are provided to the residents included within the rent amount.

Private housing does provide specific amenities to the residents, but the charges need to be paid apart from the rent.


You cannot choose whom you live with.

Off-campus provides you with the choice of choosing your roommates.

You have the freedom to choose your roomie.

Preferred By

If you are a fresher and wants to stay close to the campus away from the crowded street then “On-Campus accommodation” is the best choice for you.

If you are someone who likes to maintain a little bit of privacy while not hurting you pocket then Off-campus housing” is the perfect choice for you.

Slightly on the expensive side, Private housing is perfect for those you prefer having a full place to themselves. Maintain your social life without  compromising your privacy!


So before renting out any student housing accommodation, do your groundwork on these specifications.


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