Student life at DeMontfort University

DeMontfort University was recognized in 1992. Situated in Leicester, the university is known for quality and differentiation in education. ‘The Empowering University’ is their tagline as they support and nurture the community of academics in order to provide students the luxury of realizing their dreams.

DeMontfort University is said to have achieved Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). With the professional accreditations in their courses, the university ensures that the course which students study makes them qualified enough to exhibit their skills. According to Times Higher Education (THE), DeMontfort University ranks 30th in the world owing to its responsible consumption.


The campus of DeMontfort University is beautifully built with a varied set of traditional and modern spaces. The impressive Vijay Patel building accommodates art and design subjects and the famous Riverside cafe. The Great Hall of Leicester Castle had been restored to continually provide learning about the heritage and history. The splendid Castle gardens are the students’ favorite spot to be.

Life of students in DeMontfort

Students particularly enjoy the proximity of the city to the university and the friendly atmosphere maintained at the university. DMU sports club ensures that everyone feels involved through the use of physical activities and keeps the sportsmanship alive!

Student support – DeMontfort University has an exclusive student support team to address any issues arising before, during, or after your studies. At DMU, the focus is kept on a safe environment that can help students to live a happy, healthy, and productive life.

  • Academic support – The dedicated resources and infrastructure is provided for: Essay writing, research, verbal presentation, revisions, and exams.
  • Student finance – For the purpose to finance students, students are advised on tuition fees, financial help, etc.
  • Advice and support for disability – Since a person’s disability can affect them in some way, special need support is provided in a customized manner so that they can reach their full potential.
  • De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) – It is a self-sufficient student-led organization that strives to foster positive change and look after more than 200 societies and sports clubs.
  • DMU Global – International experience program which aims to break the cultural barriers and develop professional skills. Field trips, language classes, and volunteering are a part of this program.
  • DMU Works – It encompasses career and employability provisions. Opportunities offered under this program are: Placement, internships, business insider visits, research and consultancy opportunities, and training and coaching for work readiness. 

The acceptance rate of DeMontfort University is 45%.

DMU Open day

DMU Open day is an exciting day for all prospective students wanting to study at this university. The open day provides students with the opportunity to see for them physically what the university has to offer. 

You can have a talk with current students about their experience, interact with academic faculties, roam around the awe-inspiring campus and explore the vibrant city of Leicester. You can also discover how you can connect with the industry players like Microsoft, Disney, HSBC, etc.

The Open days are scheduled on 15 October and 19 November. Don’t forget to book your slot!

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