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From its vast history to its modern and classic architecture, Germany boasts itself as a higher education institution known for its highly acclaimed universities. You would get a vibrant lifestyle here. The major edge to studying in Germany is the fact that the Universities in Germany provide free education to students.

Really? Free tuition fees!

You heard that right! You can study in Germany for free. Most of the states just take a small contribution amount per semester which amounts to 50 Euros, otherwise, there are no fees charged. However, some states like Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, and Lower Saxony charge fees for undergraduate programs (around 500 Euros per semester). And there’s no bar to who can avail of this facility because everyone has access to it. 

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What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. The German ideology is such that education shouldn’t be commercialized. Granting free access to education promotes economic development and the welfare of the nation. After long protests, in October 2014, the international students attending a public university in Germany will be only required to pay the contribution cost. Also, Germany wants smarter and sharper minds to enter the country for education and usually offers them work after graduation.

Cost of living in Germany


Average cost (Monthly)

Rent and utilities

300-500 Euros

Food and drink

200-250 Euros

Health insurance

100 Euros

Food and drink

30 Euros

Leisure and hobbies

50-100 Euros

Are the universities even good enough?

German universities provide top-class education to students all over the world. For the purpose of accrediting its educational providers, Germany has uncompromising standards in place. Providing free education in public universities is just a political decision made by the government, it has nothing to do with the quality and recognition of the course and degree.

Some of the Top universities in Germany (Tuition-free) are:-

  • Universitat Hamburg (QS ranking – 98)
  • Technical University of Munich (QS ranking – 55)
  • Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (QS ranking – 63)
  • RWTH Aachen University (QS ranking – 295)
  • Goethe University Frankfurt (QS ranking - 138 )

Admission requirement for free education in Germany


Undergraduate course

Post-graduate course

Education criteria

12th pass

Bachelor’s degree

Minimum marks required

Minimum 85% or 9 CGPA in 12th

Minimum 75% or 8 CGPA in graduation

Age limit



Commonly accepted entrance test score



Minimum score

Minimum 75% in 12th

Minimum 7 CGPA in under-graduation

Minimum IELTS score

6.5+ score band

6.5+ score band

Minimum TOEFL score

90% score band

90% score band

Language proficiency

Well-versed in English, B2 proficiency in German

CEFR level B2 in English, A1/A2 Proficiency in German

                                                                                                          *Please note the German score band ranges from 1-4 and you need to score not more than 2.5 to qualify for the minimum entry requirement for under-graduation. The best score is 1. Make sure the score you achieve in school is meeting the requirements of the German grading score.

The application process for German universities

There are two ways how you can go about with the university application:-


​1. With the help of UNI ASSIST, universities’ workload is eased off as the portal assists them with deciding on the student’s admission directly, which means they provide the VPD (Evaluation document) and communicate their admission decision to the university who in turn, passes the decision on to the student.

2. The other option is exercised through UNI ASSIST being the mediator. It provides universities with the VPD, which is an evaluation document that states whether the eligibility is met or not, and then the further application is resumed to be filled on the university’s website only.

University Portal – You need to fill out an application on the university’s website. The university will evaluate it and make the decision on the basis of your application.

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