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Study in Europe

About Europe

Europe comprises of 44 countries out of which there are 26 Schengen countries which is quite popular for their scenic beauty, beaches, museums, cultural diversity, cuisines, history and much more. Lately, European countries have gained popularity for one more reason which is the quality of education to international students. A lot of international students are now opting to study in European countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Belgium, Czech Republic and many more.

Why Study in Europe

There could be hundreds of reasons to study in Europe however we give you top reasons to study in Europe which are mind-blowing:

Low Tuition Fees and living cost: One of the best reasons to study in Europe is that it offers education and living at a very affordable cost. A bachelor or masters program tuition fee can cost you as low as Euro 3000 per year or less than that in a few scenarios. Depending on the destination in Europe living cost can range from Euro 200 to Euro 900 which is reasonably cheaper comparing to other countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia etc.

World Class Education and Pioneering Research: Many European universities are listed in world rankings offering international students with high-quality education and research options for better career opportunities.

Diversity and Cultural Experience: It’s not just about education but also about experiencing the versatile culture of different European nations with exotic beaches, beautiful landscapes, museums, nightlife etc.

Access to all Subjects: European countries have end number of universities which covers almost every subject such as Engineering, Aviation, Information Technology, Business, Architecture, Aeronautics, Sociology, Economics etc.

Especially Medicine programs are very popular in Europe among international students due to lenient entry requirements and affordable tuition fees which come expensive in UK, Canada, USA etc.

Internship Options: Many European universities offer on job trainings and internships which is paid or unpaid depending on the program you select and it helps students to gain international work culture.

Part Time Work Allowed: Almost all EU countries allow students to work minimum 15 hours part-time during their studies which help them to cover their living expenses and also make them financially independent.

Post Study Work Visa: Under the new regulations European Parliament (Under Implementation) non-EU nationals can remain at least for nine months post their studies to look for a job or to set up a business.


How our GTU Admission Consultants can help you achieve your goal to find the right option for you?

-Free counselling by our dedicated admission consultants

-Experts will help you choose the right universities, programs and destinations.

-Complete guidance on academic & entry requirements, cost, deadlines and documents required to apply

-Submission of Applications and fast turnaround time to get the offer letters.

-Identify scholarship opportunities and available discounts for you

-Accommodation and visa guidance


Our Admission Consultants can help you with many universities like below for countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Belgium, Czech Republic and more:

University of Amsterdam, University of Twente, Wageningen University and Research, Warsaw International Business School, The West Pomeranian Business School, Rome Business School, BHMS, Jacobs University, European School of Economics, Swiss School of Management, Kaunas University of Technology, University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden, University of Information Technology and Management and many more.

How to Apply?

Simply contact us by calling on +971 42428518 or Book a Free Session With Our Consultant

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