Study MBBS in Europe After Ukraine and Russia

Why Study Medicine in Europe?
It is well-known fact that Russia and Ukraine is always the first choice of students from all over the globe for the MBBS program. But now the students are having second thoughts about these countries and are going with the decision to study medicine in Europe. The reason behind the this preference for studying medicine in Europe is that it allows students to transfer their MBBS program from any university in the world and take advantage of lower tuition rates. 
In addition, Europe also provides the privilege of fewer years in school compared to the United States. Junior colleges in the US allow students to jump-start their education before transferring to a university. This helps them gain credits and save money. Furthermore, when you study medicine in Europe, you will find that European medical programs are centered around large universities. Hence, it provides students with laboratory training that prepares them for real-world experiences. This is beneficial for the students while applying for jobs anywhere on the globe.

But why Transfer from your current University?
There can be various reasons to change your university. A student can be unhappy with paying very high tuition fees in the current university. Also, some students prefer their program to be an English-taught program instead of a local language. Migrating to the country for other reasons and maintaining a decent lifestyle by not creating a big hole in your wallet. There can be a number of reasons to transfer. 

Looking at the current scenario, we all know that Russia and Ukraine have always been the first choice for Indian medical aspirants. One of the major reasons is that the country is well-known for providing high-quality education. The tuition fees of private medical colleges in Ukraine are inexpensive in comparison to colleges in India. Universities are even recognized by the World Health Council and the degrees are also valid in India as Indian Medical Council recognizes them. However, the current situation between the two countries makes the students rethink the decision to study Medicine abroad. Not only Indian students but other students studying MBBS programs are also compelled to drop their studies halfway. As The Ukrainian and Russian MBBS programs are also recognized by the European Council of Medicine and the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom. The students forced to leave their courses in the middle can start afresh in European Countries at affordable prices.

There are many countries in Europe, specifically in the Eastern Europe region that are offering MBBS programs to international students. Precisely, those who want a transfer from already enrolled universities for any reason. 

Leading choices to study medicine in Eastern Europe

While eastern European universities may not be as internationally famous as others for MBBS programs but the region has some highly reputed universities. 

Poland is the first choice of many students to study medicine in Europe. One of the major reasons is the Advanced Quality Of Education. The Polish education system follows the standards set by the Bologna process so that the degrees earned are recognized internationally. Quality of education exceeds the costs which makes Poland one of the great options for pursuing MBBS programs when compared with top study abroad destinations like Australia, the USA, France, etc.
Other than Poland, the countries like Romania, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic are also good choices for MBBS Programs. These countries also provide the best quality of education along with the assurance of recognized degrees by the World Health Council. Many European Countries are currently accepting admissions of students who want to get transferred from their current University to a European University without losing their scores or duration already spent in the previous university. 

Hope this was useful information for you so that you can make the most of your MBBS program and pursue a degree in a leading location for medicine. To get better professional advice, please feel free to contact GoTo University, the best study abroad portal. We at GoToUniversity provide you the quality service and advice. We can also help you with the process of admission and transfer into your MBBS program

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