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Study Medicine

Is Medicine Career for You?

Medicine is one of the best sought careers among the students where many students see this noble profession as a strong career option and other see as a recession free and lucrative profession. Either way they are right because being a Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon or Physician is one of the blessed careers where you can service people by treating them and also enjoy the benefits and perks which come along with it.  

As a Medical practitioner you need to perform diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, And to become one it takes a strong compassion, modesty, professionalism, confidence, hard work, serious work ethic and knowledge.

Top Reasons to Study Medicine Abroad

Job Security- Almost all fresh graduates from the universities are able to secure an employment within 6 months of their graduation as they can work as Cardiologist, Anaesthesiologist, Dentist, Dermatologist, Gynaecologist, General Family Physician, Neurosurgeon, Oncologist, Radiologist and many more depending on the medicine they practice.

Global Recognition- Irrespective of the country you have completed your Medicine degree from be it UK, Europe, Caribbean, Middle East, USA, Canada or any other place the education standard remains same which means you could have completed your Medicine degree from Europe and find a job in hospital in UK or any other country.

Noble profession: Right from the beginning, an MBBS degree is achieved with dedication and hard work. The profession, as much as it is a tough nut to crack, is said to be a noble one as this field demands efforts and sincerity towards serving the humanity. A doctor’s hectic schedule of being one call away to help the ones who are suffering from various ailments by having sleepless nights themselves is what makes this profession one of the most selfless and dignified ones in the world. 

Lucrative Salary- Medicine around the globe is well paid profession and the minimum starting salary globally for Doctors are around USD $ 25,000 to USD $ 30,000 per annum. In some of the countries like Norway, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Canada etc General Physicians earns more than the specialists. This is one of the promising professions to give rapid return of investments on your education.

Doctors in Demand- Physicians are listed under skilled profession in countries like Canada, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, UAE and Europe wherein the compensation and other benefits offered to Doctors are exciting and these countries have also introduced residency options for the expats who hold a MD qualification.


Where can I study medicine?

Students are often gets confused when it comes to select the destination to study Medicine program as it’s a long commitment for a student to devote 5 to 6 years to complete an entire degree. Selection of country depends on the certain combination of factors such as, your long term career goal, budget, academic eligibility, location preference etc. The top destinations where majority of the international students headed are UK, Caribbean (Guyana and Barbados) and European (Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Georgia, Hungary) countries. Wherein UK universities offer great foundation pathway programs in top universities, On the other hand Europe and Caribbean countries have universities with low tuition fees structure with lenient entry options.     

What are the basic requirements to study Bachelors Medicine Degree in overseas?

 European Countries

-High School Diploma with subjects Biology, Chemistry or Students with students having IB must have taken three subjects including of Chemistry and Biology at Higher Level plus three subjects at Standard Level

-Recommendation Letters

-Motivation Letter

-Voluntary work experience related to Health Care or Social Cause (If Available)

-IELTS or TOEFL (Minimum 6.0 Bands overall) (If Available)

United Kingdom

-High School Diploma with subjects Biology, Chemistry and Math or Students with students having IB must have taken three subjects including of Chemistry and Biology at Higher Level plus three subjects at Standard Level securing minimum overall 36 points and 6 points in individual subjects. 

-IELTS or TOEFL (Minimum 6.0 Bands overall)

-Few UK top universities require UKCAT with minimum score of 500 in each of the four sections.

-Recommendation Letters

-MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews)

-Motivation Letter

-Voluntary work experience related to Health Care or Social Cause (If Available)


-High School Diploma with subjects Biology, Chemistry

-Motivation Letter

-IELTS or TOEFL (Minimum 6.0 Bands overall) (If Available)

Does an Indian student need to pass NEET exam to study medicine in overseas?

There is lot misunderstanding among Indian students if they need to pass NEET exam to study medicine program overseas and what options do they have if they haven’t cleared their NEET exam. Can they still study Medicine program and become a Doctor?

Well Union Health Ministry of India have made mandatory NEET exam for Indian students who want to practice as a Doctor in India post their studies and obtain Eligibility Certificate from Medical Counsel of India. However there are special Medicine programs are introduced wherein students who are not able to pass their NEET exam are still eligible to study Medicine program in abroad and they can choose to practice as a Doctor in places like USA, Europe, and Caribbean etc.

How our GTU Admission Consultants can help you achieve your goal to find a right option for you?

-Dedicated admission consultants

- Experts will help you choose right universities, programs and destinations.

- Complete guidance on academic & entry requirements, cost, deadlines and documents                required to apply

-Submission of Applications and fast turnaround time to get the offer letters.

- Identify scholarship opportunities and available discounts for you

- Accommodation and visa guidance

Our Admission Consultants can help you with many universities around the globe:

GoToUniversity Partner Universities- University of Central Lancashire (UK), University of Buckingham (UK), The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland), University of Debrecen (Hungary),  Abbey College in Prague (Czech Republic), New Vision University (Georgia), Caucasus International University (Georgia), The Texila American University (Guyana), American University of Barbados (Barbados), Washington University of Barbados (Barbados), Gulf Medical University (UAE) and many more.

Our expert GTU consultants can help you with admissions into top tier universities in UK such as Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, Kings College London, Queens Mary University of London, Keele University and many more.

How to Apply?

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