Top Reasons to Study Medicine at Brunel University London

Study Medicine at Brunel University London

This information is relevant for September 2022/23 entry

About Brunel University London 

Based in West London, Brunel University is among the top UK universities dedicated to education and research, relevant to the worldwide economy, industry, and society. Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies will take your learning to a better academic level. You'll learn and work with a number of our world-renowned academics, develop a specialist understanding of your field, and build the required skills to develop your career.
Brunel offers over 100 taught master's degrees in popular subjects like Medicine, Business, Engineering, and Law also as contemporary courses which include games Design and artistic Writing. Brunel’s master's degrees feature work-based learning opportunities and accreditations.

Study Medicine in Brunel University UK

Brunel University London offers a 5-year MBBS program that is open to international students only. The University will be discussing with Health Education England about offering the MBBS degree to students from the United Kingdom. No admission test is required e.g. UCAT and BMAT.

Top Reasons to Study Medicine at Brunel University

Clinical Placements.


Students from Brunel Medical School are guaranteed clinical placements across London and the South East of England. Students will not just be observing but will have the chance to use their clinical knowledge to real-world clinical situations.

Scholarships Opportunities at Brunel University

Brunel University has an impressive record of awarding scholarships to international students. As per the latest update, Brunel Medical School will award up to 10 Medicine scholarships worth £30,000 each for the year 2021/22. To know more about Brunel University Scholarships, leave in your comments below. 


Medicine Graduates Applications are accepted.

Students who already have a medical degree or a degree in a subject related to Medicine can apply for the MBBS program. However, for admission, students must meet the MBBS entry requirements.

Guaranteed Student Accommodation on Campus (5 years).

Brunel University provides guaranteed accommodation for international students to ensure students are close to the university life. Just to highlight, the university has over 4,500 modern, comfortable, and safe rooms with a range of accommodation options on campus. 

Internationally Recognized Medical Qualification 

Brunel University offers a globally recognized UK medical degree (MBBS). The degree can be used for provisional registration with the GMC and license to practice in Foundation Year 1 / Residency Year 1 posts.

Study of Modern Medicine

Every century has its own set of medicine challenges, Brunel University covers the challenges which the community is facing in the 21st century, the negative impact on health, and why the practice of caring for patients is needed now more than ever.
Other important subjects such as the significance of prevention, public health, rehabilitation, and other clinical medicine are covered.
Students are taught where they can adapt to practice medicine not just in the UK, but anywhere worldwide.

Medicine & Digital World

Studying medicine & digital technology goes hand in hand.
Brunel University courses include the latest range of technologies such as usage of artificial intelligence, use of robotics technology with virtual reality learning.

The Subject of Community Medicine

Doctors can make this world a better place to live in. Brunel University MBBS program teaches students on considering a bigger picture where they can offer their clinical knowledge and medicine skills in the local communities. Students' skills & knowledge will be used for the community as a whole and not just for the health of one patient. 

Diversified International Community

Brunel University is home to many international students from over 150 plus countries. Get an opportunity to interact and learn from a diverse global community. Be a part of a large global student medicine community.

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When will Brunel University Med school get accreditation from UK and from the world? It is is not accredited at this point of time according to Google .

When will Brunel University Med school get accreditation from UK and from the world? It is is not accredited at this point of time according to Google .

I want to take admission in MBBS for my daughter for September 22 batch. Are the application intake is open Regards

Hi I’ll be applying. I’ll like to know more about international scholarship

Hello I will be applying and am interested in learning more about international scholarships.

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