The Dummy’s Guide to a Bachelors in the USA

The United States of America boasts many globally recognized educational institutions which have acted as the Launchpad for many distinguished careers. As per the QS World Ranking 2021, 29 of the world’s top 100 universities are situated in the USA.  
Hosting the highest number of international students among all the countries in the world, the US extends a panorama of advantages to these students who actually hail from every single corner of the globe. Especially in the case of a bachelor’s course, a great number of the students opt for US universities because of the extremely beneficial career prospects. 
If you are planning to pursue a bachelor's in the US and want to experience the American lifestyle, pay attention as we discuss the popular universities, courses, part-time work opportunities, cost of education, and a lot more. 
Bachelor’s Degree in the USA 
A bachelor’s degree in the US takes at least four years to complete. The four years are called the Freshman, the Sophomore, the Junior, and the Senior year from the first to the fourth. Typically, the US education system requires students to take up courses in a variety of interesting subjects, helping them form an expansive foundation to higher studies and research – if opted for. 
US universities also offer programs in nearly all the fields of education. Apart from the usual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) line-ups, the universities even list degree courses in the field of Business, Hospitality, Design, Literature, Mass Media, Creative Writing, and many other subjects.
Popular Fields of Study at the Bachelor’s Level
The US is one the most technically advanced countries and taking up a technical course at a leading university there is learning from the finest. However, various other study areas are also considered highly promising. Here are the top six.
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Architecture 
  • Business Administration
  • Graphic Design
Prominent Universities in the USA
US Universities stand offer their students an exceptional opportunity to thrive in an intellectually vibrant atmosphere. The students get to learn from some of the smartest minds on the planet. Both teachers and students enjoy the support offered by the world’s finest infrastructure for higher education and research. Below is the list of top most universities in the US:
  • University of Connecticut, Connecticut 
  • University of Arizona
  • Arizona State University, Phoenix
  • University of Illinois, Chicago
  • University of Delaware 
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • University of South Florida
  • San José State University
Eligibility Criteria
  • A Strong Academic Track Record: A high GPA across the years in school is an essential requirement; the ideal candidate is the student who has secured 1st class throughout high school.
  • Standardized Tests: Students are required to submit their scores in standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, along with their scores in one of the English Language Proficiency Tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. Which of these tests is to be taken depends on the program as well as the university.
  • Regular Participation in the Extra-Curricular Activities: Besides a commendable academic performance, substantial participation in extra-curricular activities add value to the applicant’s profile. 
  • Essays and LORs: During the application process, students have to submit essays and letters of recommendation, the number pf which varies across universities.
Intakes and Deadlines
All the top-ranked universities offer fall intake, while middle-ranked universities offer both fall and spring intake. The application process for bachelors begins at least 1.5 years prior to the commencement date. Listed below are the three intakes and when each happens. 
• Fall: August 
• Spring/Winter: January
• Summer: May 
The procedure for applying in the USA comprises a number of steps each of which must be completed by a given deadline.
The Admission Procedure
Below given is a step-by-step description of the typical procedure.
Step 1: Select the program that you want to attend and at least 5 to 6 Universities that offer the program.
• Step 2: Fill up the Coalition or Individual University Application Form / Common Application Form. 
• Step 3: Ready the documents you need to submit, namely school mark sheets, transcripts, score certificate of the English proficiency test, letters of recommendation (LOR), updated CV, and lastly, essays. 
• Step 4: Get your scores in Standardized Tests officially reported. 
• Step 5: As you submit the student application along with the required documents, the university will evaluate your application and give their verdict by December (for the Early applicants) or by April (for the Regular applicants). 
• Step 6: Finalize your university (from among those that have offered you a seat) and make the enrolment deposit. The university will issue the offer letter only after you have deposited the required amount. 
• Step 7: The university will also provide an I-20 form that help applicants with applying for a student visa.
• Tuition Fees: Although the fees of a bachelor’s course vary across the universities according to their global ranking, selected specialization, or location, the cost is roughly between $15000 and $55000 per annum. 
• Living Expenses: Living expenses in the US comprises the accommodation, transportation, groceries, and other miscellaneous expenses. The total living cost will vary from $10000 to $20000 per annum unless you decide to binge.
Scholarships Offered by the US
In order to overcome the problem of hefty fees, US universities extend need-based or merit-based scholarships to students with excellent academic records. For more details, you have to visit the website of concerned universities.
Part-Time Work Opportunities
As per US laws, international students can work part-time in the country. During semesters, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while, during vacations, they can work up to 40 hours.
Student Visa to Study in the US
All international students must secure an F1 Student visa in order to pursue a bachelors’ program. International students should be familiar with the English language. Below are the steps in procedure for securing a Student Visa. 
• Step 1: Choose the date and fill up the DS 160 form. 
• Step 2: Schedule 2 dates, one for OFC and the other one for Visa Interview
• Step 3: Show-up for the interview
While applying for the F1 student visa, students must ensure that they meet all the requirements, that the financial documents are in place, and that all the educational documents are submitted. 
The task of applying for a US university can be confusing for many. Hence it's recommended that you take help; GoToUniversity is the where you get the best kind of help with admission procedures. Reach out to us; we’ll guide you throughout the process. 

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