Top reasons to choose Canada as your study destination

When you choose to study abroad, certain factors cross your mind prominently quality of education, renowned universities or colleges, cost of living, a safe destination, welcoming and multicultural environment, etc. All of these factors you can find in one country which is Canada. Canada has always been one of the popular study destinations for international students and the numbers are gradually escalating if we count on the people in UAE who are immigrating to study in Canada for higher education.

 GoToUniversity has been encouraging students to study in Canada for many years. It has its head office in Dubai, other parts of UAE and other branches also in India. Our Canada overseas education consultants in UAE have an expertise of more than a decade and have gained much experience by the time in the field of education. They provide you with the best options to study in Canada and also transmit adequate information and services and get you enrolled in your desired university to study in Canada. 

Since Canada is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, it provides you with quality education, a good environment, and employment opportunities as well as your education journey. Canada education consultants in Dubai from GTU have proposed some top reasons for you to choose Canada as your study destination.

Quality of education

Students from all over the world, not just UAE, have been migrating to Canada for higher education for decades, and one of the primary expectations of such a huge number of immigrants is the quality of education that the country provides. This ultimately leads to successful student employability in the future as the degree acquired from a Canadian university is recognized globally and makes you eligible for a good job after fulfilling your education in Canada. 

Choice of universities and colleges

Canada has a very broad spectrum of universities and colleges with assorted programs in every field. One of the most popular universities is also based in Canada which can be a good factor if you are planning to study in Canada. You can also visit the portal of GoToUniversity, where you can choose from hundreds of colleges and programs as per your academic qualifications and requirements. Our Canada overseas consultants in Dubai at GTU had been positioning students in Canada for years and have a great track record of their blooming careers. 

Cost of study in Canada

The country is majorly well-known amongst international students for numerous privileges like less and inexpensive tuition fees in comparison with different universities. . The fee structure and the cost of studying in Canada for international students are less compared to the US, UK, and Australia but it also counts on the type of university or the course you choose to study in Canada. 

The average cost of studying in Canada would range between C$20,000 to C$50,000 and it also relies on the other factors as well including housing, conveyance, sustenance, and the place you decide to put up. All of these factors play a crucial role if you intend to study in Canada by organising your living budget and expenses.

Universities lifestyle

Who does not want to evolve a lifestyle while studying overseas as it is a very famous destination among the students who opt to study in Canada? The environment of colleges is very cheerful and energetic, where multiple activities, events, fests, and cultural programs take place throughout the year to let students explore and socialise with different groups of students. They also encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities and community services to maintain a balance between studies and extra activities.

Work opportunities

In Canada, students are allowed to work while studying and after obtaining a degree the doors to their success get unlocked. While studying, students are allowed to work off-campus for 20 hours a week and manage expenses. Students can also apply for PR and extend their work permits as per the new immigration rules of Canada. They can also apply for internships as well as per the guidance provided by Canada's overseas education consultant in UAE. 

A safe and secure country

Safety and security of the child are what parents prefer when sending their children to study in Canada and after favourable feedback, a significant number of students from UAE have been departing to Canada as they are satisfied with the safety and security in the country. It is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. 

Multilingual environment

Earlier Canada was only a French and English-speaking country but after the immigration of international students, it has become a multilingual country with diverse languages, religions, and cultures which gives a very home-like feeling to students.

Our overseas education consultant in UAE at GoToUniversity having our main branch in Dubai has expert counsellors who can assist and guide you concerning your study journey to Canada and also counsel you to choose the best universities and programs.

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