Top reasons to choose Poland as your study destination

Students from across the world, agree and believe that Poland is one of the best study destinations in Europe. Universities in Poland provide some of the greatest higher education. This country has ample to offer to international students who come for higher education. 

Speaking of the education system, quality of education, living cost, career opportunities, and many more things which is why studying in Poland would not leave you dissatisfied. You have one of the finest ranked universities offering hundreds of programs and scholarships available for you. The prominent reason to choose Poland as your study destination is the affordable tuition fees and the living cost. 

Let us look at a few more reasons to choose Poland as your study destination-

The broad range of study options

Poland has over 400 universities or educational institutes that are ranked in one among the finest universities in the world. The degrees attained from these accredited universities are globally recognized and valid. The University of Warsaw is one of the largest and oldest universities in Poland. It offers 37 fields of study and hundreds of courses in the Humanities and Natural Sciences. The other prime universities in Poland are namely- 

  • Jagiellonian University in Krakow
  • Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
  • Lodz Film School
  • College of Europe Natolin (Warsaw)
  • Polish Japanese Institute of Information and Technology

The fee structure of Polish Universities

Obtaining a higher education degree is cheaper in Poland than in other European countries. The tuition fee of the polish universities varies from 1500 EUR-3000 EUR. Not just the fee structure, the living cost in Poland is also cheaper than in other European countries. You will need approximately 1500 EUR/month to cover the expenses of living, transportation, food, and so on. 

Scholarship opportunities in Poland

If you wish to get any level of degree from Poland universities, then it would be a relief for you to know that you would be eligible for many scholarships that may lessen your university fees and stabilize your standard of living in Poland. They provide a handful of scholarship opportunities to international students and non-EU students. 

A part of Socrates Erasmus Programme

Poland has been a part of the Socrates Erasmus Programme since 1998. It is a student exchange program with European Universities, a sort of contract between universities and institutes assuring the acceptance of foreign students from other European countries and their achievements at the guest university. Adding on to that, you can have a visa-free journey within the countries that are a part of Erasmus Network. 

Career Opportunities

If you have obtained a polish degree, then great work opportunities are waiting for you as most foreign organizations or companies formulating in Poland prefer to hire people having polish degrees. There are very high chances for you to pick up by great employers and earn a good amount of money at the beginning of your career. 

However, it sums up, why you should study in Poland and how to open the doors of your success. If you want to apply to the universities in Poland then, you must get in touch with a study abroad consultant and get into the dream university within the allowance of your pocket.

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