Top Reasons to Pursue MBA Course

Top Reasons to do MBA

MBA is one of the most desired postgraduate degree programs all over the world. As per GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) analysis overall 79% of graduates prefer to choose MBA for their career progression globally in spite of questions revolving around whether an individual needs work experience to get into a B-School for an MBA program. In this article, we list down the reasons and facts to pursue MBA in different countries.

Why do I Need an MBA?

The first question you need to ask yourself before starting the MBA application that what outcome you are looking forward to getting from an MBA degree. For most people MBA qualification helps them to elevate their professional careers in their respective industry as employers usually look for the accredited degree and people who are qualified enough to manage their business. Many MBA students are from the Business, Banking and Consulting background but not limited to other categories such as Healthcare, Communications, Engineering, IT etc. While having a work experience certainly an added advantage to observe the classroom training and scenario-based teachings but having zero experience will also not stop you to get into the B-Schools. There are many B-Schools around the world wherein you can apply without work experience however you need to be good at other parameters of the admission requirements such as Academic grades, standardized test scores, linguistic abilities, extracurricular activities, internship experience, etc. But in some cases universities may have their own set of requirements, for example, you can apply and secure admission in MBA while in the final year of your undergraduate degree but then need to gain some Pre MBA experience before starting the program. Some universities have Global MBA programs which are specially designed for the international students who are willing to study without any work experience and the curriculum designed as per fresh graduates’ standard. 


4 reasons Why You Need an MBA Degree:

1. High Employment Rate- As per the National Association of Colleges and Employers (USA), the applicants with MBA qualification on their resumes have a high chance to be considered than graduates with a bachelor's degree. More than 92% of the graduates got placed within 3 months of graduation as per the survey report of 50 B-Schools around the world.

2. Learning of Real Challenges in Business Environment- You get to learn from experienced peers, successful alumni, and faculties who share their experience from the different industries and how they overcame the situations and used their intelligence to make a global impact. 
3. Internship Opportunities- Many MBA programs offer international internships that give you invaluable experience to adapt and learn. 
4. Networking- You get a chance to connect with the university’s huge alumni network and industry connections which can really help you in the early stage of your career to seek recommendations for jobs, finding investors to fund projects etc. 

How do I prepare for an MBA application?

This is a very common question to ask before starting the MBA application process. Well, each university has its own requirements and assessment process to shortlist candidates. But there are various elements that are needed to prepare for MBA applications such as Academics, IELTS, GMAT, CV Building, and LOR’s (Letter of Recommendation), Personal Statement, and video and interview preparation.  But it’s good to start your research at an early stage and find out the requirements as per the university and country you want to apply for.  

Do I need a GMAT?

For many universities, GMAT is one of the important requirements while applying for an MBA program that asses your analytical writing, problem-solving, logic, and critical reasoning skills to judge your academic adaptability. However, some universities do offer waivers based on your Bachelor GPA and if you hold more than 5 years of work experience on managerial positions. Thankfully there are still many universities where you don’t need GMAT and still be able to get admission in MBA.
Where can I apply for an MBA without work experience?
Although having some work experience can certainly help you have an edge over other applicants however there are hundreds of universities around the world wherein you can get admitted without the work experience and make your dream come possible

MBA Universities in the USA:

USA has always grabbed the attention of the international students for Masters and MBA degree as it offers STEM programs which give you an OPT for 3 years to stay in the USA and fulfill your dream to work for in a big fat package for the top 500 fortune companies. Out of 25 top B-Schools globally 13 are listed from the USA. B-Schools like Wharton, Kellogg, Booth, Sloan, Haas, Fuqua, and few more are some of the highest-ranked top universities to study MBA in the USA. As per the online survey of Jobs and Salary Trends, an average salary of an MBA is around USD $ 98,900 annually in the USA which gives you a great Return of Investment.  
There are some other universities too wherein admission process is reasonable and accept students without work experience as well such as-Kent State University, California State University- East Bay, Arkansas State University, Kansas State University, New York Institute of Technology, Monroe College, Long Island University, University of North Texas and more.

MBA Universities in the UK:

British Universities offer an MBA with a year option which can save your time and cost to prepare you early for the career. Some of the best universities are London Business School, Said Business School, Imperial, Cass, and few more which are highly ranked universities and one can find an MBA in almost all disciplines at these institutions. London is one of the famous financial center globally and has big financial giants like Barclays and HSBC giving many career opportunities to the international 
Some universities for your reference where GMAT and work experience is not a mandatory requirement-Swansea University, University of Northampton, Coventry University, University of Bedfordshire, Liverpool John Moores University, West London College, Teesside University and more.


MBA Universities in Canada:

Canada is becoming the first priority for international students as it offers education at the reasonable cost and offers post study work opportunities which helps in Permanent Residency. In the last five years more tech based jobs are created in Toronto than San Francisco. In 2019 there were more than 60,000 fresh job opportunities were created across multiple industries. Some of the B-Schools like Rotman, Sauder, Desautel, Schulich and Ivey are high ranked globally.  Though there are limited numbers of universities who accept students without work experience but one can apply to these if made up his mind for MBA in Canada without work experience- Thomson River University, Royal Roads University, NYIT, University Canada West.

MBA Universities in Australia:

Australia is a perfect destination due to its lenient admissions process and student visa polices. Australian universities are generous offering scholarships and have more than 20 universities listed in top 100 universities around the world. Some of the best business schools in Australia are Monash, Melbourne business school and UNSW and you can consider these universities too where you can apply for MBA program without work experience- Macquarie University, RMIT, University of Technology-Sydney, University of Canberra and more. 

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