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Top reasons to study at the GISMA Business School

Are you planning to study in a top business school in Germany which boasts a progressive approach to education and extensive employability services? If your answer is yes, then GISMA business school is what you are looking for. GISMA Business School is a part of a group of companies called the Global University Systems (GUS Group). It offers a wide range of career-focused undergraduate and graduate programs for international students. The school also benefits from its partnership with various educational institutes over the world. 

Here are the top reasons to study at the GISMA Business School. 

A Wide Range of Programs 
GISMA offers internationally recognised BA and BSc undergraduate degrees in Berlin. The courses cover many areas including business, IT, finance, human resources, marketing and more. By choosing GISMA, you will be opening up many rewarding opportunities for yourself, and you will be equipped with the ability to gain leadership skills that will help you become an entrepreneur, consultant, or a successful manager. 

Business Programs Offered by GISMA 
The Business programs are career-focused and allow you to explore the ever-changing world of business. Specialise in Tourism, Marketing or Human Resource Management. The programs are designed around a precise academic and theoretical framework that will help you become an expert in your chosen field. This will allow you to apply for specific positions upon graduation. The Social Science programs have been introduced to provide a strong background and underlying knowledge of these subject areas to prepare you for a career in the subject or to progress onto postgraduate studies.
Master’s Degrees 
The master’s degrees will provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge in various areas of marketing, develop strategic thinking, and leadership skills. Students will analyse the international business environment to produce practical, customer-oriented marketing solutions for a range of organisations. 
Programs in IT
Programs in IT are designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and authenticity of information in electronic forms to public and private resources and services in cyberspace. IT security professionals will get to study cryptography, system security, hacking tools, information security policies, computer forensics etc. 
Programs in human resources and Finance
Programs in human resources will give you practical expertise and teach you to scientifically analyse issues involving personnel and organisation, guiding you to think about them on a strategic level. You will also learn how to determine the ideal combination of HR practices to optimise organisational, group, and individual performance. The finance programs will train high-level professionals preparing to develop their career in the banking, stock market, and asset management sector.

Ideal for international Students 
Selecting a university and studying abroad can be one of the most important decisions you will make. The Student Recruitment Team at GISMA will help you study in Germany or the United Kingdom.
•    You will have the option to choose from campuses in Berlin and Hannover
•    You will have access to corporate links such as Continental and Volkswagen
•    GISMA have a dedicated Careers Centre
•    The Programs are taught entirely in English
•    They also offer FREE beginner's German classes for all students 

Scholarships offered by GISMA
GISMA has partnered with the best European business schools and universities in the United Kingdom to provide scholarship opportunities and flexible payment plans. This can help students who wish to apply for financial aids to fund their study programs. 

A chance to Study in Germany
Germany is a developed and vibrant country, known for its cosmopolitan culture and prosperous economy. There are abundant employment opportunities for students and graduates and a high standard of living for those who wish to settle here. International students can expect a comfortable and safe environment. There are also efficient transport modes, allowing you to explore all German cities. Students will always find something to do, especially as Germany has many year-round popular events.

Partnership with Best Education Institutes 
GISMA Business School benefits from collaborations with some of the finest educational institutions from around the world. GISMA’s key educational partners are Grenoble Ecole de Management, The Language Gallery, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, The University of Law, and British Chamber of Commerce in Germany. Arden University has their teaching facilities in the Berlin campus of GISMA. 

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They assure you that they will refund you in case of termination before the start of program. I have terminated my contract one month prior to the start date, and still after two months I haven’t received my money back. Everytime I ask them in email, they reply that they will check and let me know. FYI, it is now almost 10 month that I paid them this registration fee. The course was supposed to start in April, and I paid the registration fee at the end of December 2019. After that, because of the pandemic they shifted the start semester from Spring to Fall 2020 and they kept my money. Before I paid them this money, I read in some reviews that they don’t refund you easily, but I did the mistake. Don’t make my mistake, and invest your money somewhere else

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Need financial aid pls

I am making plans to study Leadershp and Human Resources management at GISMA Business School, Berlin Germany. I have read many negative comments about the credibility of the school. Is this the correct position? I am coming from Nigeria. Should be grateful to hear your advice on this. Regards.

I m looking for a suirable masters course in management. Will look forward for your suggestion. Also wanted to find out about job opportunities based on the course to be taken.

Thank you, Manisha for visiting GTU, our consultant will get back to you with required information

I am done with school and want to apply for masters programme in Germany...

MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management, i want this program in GISMA please help me out in this regards with fee structure and course out line

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