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There are millions of universities around the world and each university provides hundreds of courses and programs. Students around the world often find it difficult to choose the best universities and courses according to their needs and qualifications.
Even top education specialists find it difficult to link prospective college students with appropriate colleges and courses. In this blog, we are going to reveal something special which is going to ease this problem that the students face. has created an Artificial Intelligence-Powered University/Course Matching Tool called the University Finder or Unifinder. 
This application employs advanced algorithms to identify the finest colleges and programs for undergraduate education throughout the world. 
The best thing about the tool is that, unlike the competitors, it is absolutely free of cost and is available for all students and parents around the world.
Students will love to know that this University finder tool by Gotouniversity will present you with a list of suitable universities in just four easy steps. 
The list presented by the tool is not just a randomly selected list but these universities are an ideal fit for your higher education. Next, we are going to explain these four simple steps.
The tool asks you to fill in your basic personal details before presenting the curated list of universities and courses that are best for you.
Step-1:  You have to provide the country that you want to study in. This can be your own country or any foreign country you want to study.
Step-2:  This is crucial because it asks you to input the major or the subject that you want to pursue.
Step-3:  Next, you are asked to enter your academic grades and if you are awaiting your exam results, then you can enter your predicted scores in percentage, GPA, IB, or A levels Score to check eligibility for admissions.
Step-4:  Finally, you can fill in your annual budget. The annual budget is the amount that you can spend each year on tuition fees.
That’s all, really, that you have to provide to the tool.
University Finder Tool
Now, our AI-powered tool searches for the best universities in your preferred region and according to other details that you have entered.
Within seconds our tool presents you with a set of suggested colleges or universities that are best for you.
As you all know that has a huge and well-updated database of universities, colleges, and programs, so the suggested list provided by the tool is absolutely reliable.
So, what felt like a cumbersome job of searching and choosing the right university is solved and your dream, realistic, and safe university list is in front of you. 
Now, let’s talk about the methodology that is used by our tool. Our methodology tracks not just international, local, and academic rankings, but also the reputation and popularity of these institutions.
The output is determined by your inputs and academic prerequisites. The list is presented in three sections. 

Dream Universities:

The first category is the “Dream Universities”. In this category, we present the top, reputed, and globally recognized universities that offer the subject of your choice.
But the academic eligibility criteria of these universities might be higher than your academic scores or predicted scores. We don’t want students to get demotivated if they don’t get admission into these elite universities.
We rather motivate you to study harder and we are confident that with adequate assistance from our experienced staff and your dedication, you will be able to acquire admission to these colleges.
Realistic Universities:
The second category is the “Realistic Universities”. A selection of highly regarded colleges that offer programs of your choosing, with grades that may match or be somewhat higher than the minimum grades.
These institutions will undoubtedly be within your grasp if you receive correct help from our University Admissions Specialists.
Safe Universities:
The third category is the “Safe Universities”. A list of universities that offer programs of your choosing and academic prerequisites that match or are somewhat lower than your present or expected grades. We usually advise students to include a couple of Safe Universities on their list.
Now the students have the list of suggested colleges so they can move ahead and compare the 4 shortlisted universities presented to them by the tool.
They can use the very efficient university comparison tool by The tool gives you a comprehensive comparative sheet that will assist you in making the final important decision.
The University Finder tool also mails you a copy of the suggested universities list for future reference.
Now, let’s come down to the very important question: how can students get into these shortlisted colleges?
Students, you don’t have to worry about it either as our team at is going to make your dream come true.
Students shouldn’t forget to schedule a complimentary one-on-one counseling appointment with one of our experienced College Admission Consultants. These counseling sessions will help students with:
  • Further university and program shortlisting
  • Fantastic profile development 
  • Any admission test techniques and preparations
  • Creating an outline for your writings and personal statements
  • Interview training
We can also put you in touch with admissions board members, current students, and alumni to learn more about the institution of your choosing. Your future is also our priority. 
So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s find out how you get into the perfect university and program now with Let’s make your dream come true!
All the Best!

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