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Vita Student is a highly preferred choice of accommodation among international students in UK universities as it is established in prime locations throughout the United Kingdom. All Vita Student accommodations features spacious apartments with double bedding, private kitchens, and many other exclusive facilities. Recently, GoToUniversity worked with ‘Vita Student’ to provide its referrals with the best accommodations in the UK for a comfortable learning experience.

Services offered

Housekeeping: Housekeeping services include maintaining high-standards of cleanliness in the apartments, with checks every two weeks to ensure excellent hygiene.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support: A student-wellbeing platform, "UNIHEADS," addresses the challenges students face in their university lives.

Spacious Hubs: The center of every building, also known as “hubs,” is where you can meet and socialize with other students regularly.

Private rooms to study: Students have access to these quiet rooms to plan group studies, assessments, and private revisions, or to focus on some task that requires zero distractions.

WiFi access: You will also have unlimited access to high-speed personal WiFi that can support connectivity for up to ten smart devices.

24/7 on-site residence team: The team at the front desk is available round the clock to keep your stay and studies comfortable and productive.

Takeaway breakfast available: Takeaway breakfast (packed in sanitized bags) is available for students from Monday through Friday.

Package deliveries: The 24*7 front desks will receive deliveries and packages on your behalf and maintain contactless deliveries at your doorstep.

Groceries at your doorstep: Vita Student provides online grocery facilities twice a week for contactless delivery of fresh food, groceries, and other essentials, at your room.

Social events: Get a chance to bond with other students during regular social events, parties and tournaments, etc. organized on a regular basis.

University and campus distances: Vita student accommodations are always in close proximity to the university to assure minimum time consumption in commutation between the universities and apartments.

Physical Fitness: Students can keep their bodies and minds healthy through free gym, yoga services, and personal training sessions.

Discounts: GoToUniversity has recently partnered with Vita Student to provide exclusive deals and advantages to their students in the form of great discounts. Please contact GoToUniversity to know what these discounts are and avail them soon.


The Vita student accommodations are located at all prime spots of United Kingdom such as, Edinburgh, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Barcelona, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Exeter, Newcastle, Manchester, Southampton, York, Sheffield, and Nottingham.

Types of rooms



Cluster Ensuite

£252 - £278/week

Classic Studio

£272 - £300/week

Classic Plus Studio

£284 - £313/week

Deluxe Studio

£292 - £322/week

Accessible Room

£329 - £362/week

Premium Plus

£335 - £369/week

Premium Studio

£346 - £381/week

Ultimate Vita

£366 - £403/week

Two Bedroom

£513 - £565/week



Housekeeping services, Broadband, Ensuite, Wheelchair, Kitchen, Refrigerator, Cable TV, Ironing Board, Vacuum Cleaner, Grab and go breakfast.


Common Room, Hubs, Vending Machine, Gym, Yoga Classes, Secure door entry, On-site maintenance, Laundry, Bike Storage, Pool Table.

Bills not Included

Water, Heating, Electricity, Wifi

Security and Safety

CCTV, 24/7 On-site team

Vita Student Community

The in-house Learning & Development Team of Vita Student organizes Personality Development Training and many other certified programs for new students to help them achieve personal growth faster.

GoToUniversity’s collaboration with Vita Student, one of the best accommodation providers in the UK, has been a big hit among international students planning to study in the UK, so if you want to contact Vita Student for pre-accommodation booking, please reach out on their website and avail early-bird discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is eligible to book an accommodation at Vita?

All students eligible for university admissions may reach out to Vita Student to get a home-like stay.

Q. How do I book?

Booking at Vita Student is simple: visit their official website, register yourself, choose your room, pick your location, and make payment. That’s it.

Q. Is there an advance fee?

Yes, you need to pay at least two weeks' advance at the time of booking.

Q. What bills are required to be paid?

A Student needs to pay all utility bills, including gas, electricity, heating, and water.

Q. What are the payment options at Vita Student?

The payment is supposed to be made annually, and the student is required to pay the full amount.

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