What are QS World University Rankings and how do they make an impact?

Studying abroad is a dream for many, but only a few are well-resourced and informed to make it a reality. Researching about your preferred programme in the most suitable university all by yourself can be a tough task. However, enrolling in universities outside your home country will give you exposure to a new experience and lifestyle. The University Ranking thus becomes an important factor to consider for pre-admission to any eminent university abroad.

Considered one of the most authentic university rankings, the QS World University Rankings is a popular annual publication by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) that boasts of a strong system of evaluation across many subjects.

As QS rankings are reputed worldwide, they also receive approval from the International Ranking Expert Group. In this article, we will look into the importance of QS rankings, and why it matters.

Why does QS ranking matter?

QS’ ranking framework is designed in such a manner that assesses the performance of educational institutions according to some key aspects of a university's teaching quality, nurturing employable skills.

Some of the top-notch parameters of the QS World University Rankings that make them more trustworthy than any other ranking institution are:

1. Citations made per faculty

Citations to the published research works or lab experiments are the most accepted used tool for domestic and international university rankings. The total number of such citations for five years is measured and divided by the number of academic fields in a university to portray the significance the faculty holds in the domain concerned.

2. Reviews from the Employer

Employer reviews try to sample recruiters who are ultimately hiring university graduates on a global or local level. It is a type of survey with a belief that employers track graduate quality, which makes this an indicator of teaching quality.

3. International orientation

A university’s reputation is derived from such measures which are intended to capture its internationalism, through its share of international students and international staff. It unanimously shows the efforts taken by the institution into being global, along with depicting its seriousness among the global audience.

4. Reception across the globe

Popular magazines all over the world including “The Guardian” referred to the QS World University Rankings in 2015 as "the most authoritative of their kind". Since university rankings have a considerable role in the decision-making process of a student willing to take admission abroad, the QS world rankings, therefore, matter most to the students as they benefit in the following ways:

5. As a University compare tool

The rankings compare and classify universities on many bases through a large number of parameters. This helps students consult these rankings to understand an institution’s reputation and global outreach in catering to employability. This can significantly shed light on some prospects that would’ve been kept ignorant. These rankings provide a simple statistical way to compare universities and make informed decisions about the same with the expected returns. This makes it a popular University comparison tool.

6. As a shortlisting tool

The rankings have come to be known as a very convenient and authentic shortlisting tool for any higher education aspirant. Based on the particular subject of interest or the geographical region which serves most affordable to her, the QS world university rankings create a shortlisting tool for the candidates. This marks the initial stepping stone for further research in universities.

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