What are the advantages of studying in Dubai?

Most people associate Dubai with high-rise buildings, a magnificent skyline, and vibrant vacation resorts. But you have a lot more than these things to uncover: its excellent educational system. Dubai is a one-of-a-kind city that draws students from all over the world. Affordable cost of education, reasonable housing, and economical lifestyle are just a few of the benefits available to international students in Dubai.

Studying in Dubai introduces you to many other cultures that you may not be familiar with. Dubai is a doorway to new opportunities. Dubai was ranked fifth in the world for flexibility of doing business, and the cost of living is lower than in places such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and other European countries and cities. Let's have a look at some of the factors that contribute to Dubai being an excellent destination to study:

 Education of the highest quality

Dubai is known for its high-quality education, with numerous globally renowned institutions and colleges offering a diverse range of degree options. Dubai offers a great educational infrastructure with a vast selection of schools, pre-schools, colleges, and institutions ranging in price and features. There are modern schools in the city that provide a wide range of curricula.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the UAE's official authority in charge of inspecting and evaluating the quality of schools and colleges on a variety of criteria, rating them as Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Weak, or Very Weak.

Environment that is diverse and multicultural

Students may connect in a diverse and welcoming setting. Students will be studying alongside youngsters from all over the world in Dubai schools and colleges, widening their perspective and preparing them for jobs in a globalised environment. Dubai is the most multicultural city in the world, with an incredible diversity of nationalities from all over the world.

Language proficiency in English

English is widely spoken in Dubai, which provides a significant advantage in the global employment market because English is frequently the language of commerce and education. Individuals from any culture and educated in any country can benefit from this as long as they have a strong command of the English language.

Opportunities for networking

Dubai is a business and commerce hub; students can establish a strong network of professional contacts while studying there. This can be beneficial for future job possibilities and career advancement. The city also offers numerous options for students to combine their education with part-time work. According to the UAE labor law, students over the age of 15 can work as interns in any sector of their choice as long as they are awarded an official juvenile work permit.

Availability of wide choice of courses

Dubai is a famous study destination for students. It offers a wide range of degree programmes and serves as a major financial centre in the Middle East. Some of the popular courses that are offered to students are Medicine, Business Administration, Petroleum Engineering, Tourism & Hospitality, Advertising, Architecture, Aviation, Accounts & Finance Design, Psychology, Global Social Science, Business Information Systems, Public Relations & Media, and Information Technology. 

A hub for numerous internationally renowned universities

The four top most universities in Dubai are Gulf Medical University, University of Wollongong, Canadian University Dubai, American University of Dubai, Curtin University, Zayed University, and MBRU of Dubai are also among the top universities in Dubai. There are many more universities to explore for different programs.

Let’s have a look at the basic entry requirements for universities in Dubai

Entry Criteria



Total years of schooling and grade

Minimum of 12 years of schooling with a grade point average of 60% or above

A minimum of 60% in the undergraduate degree

Language proficiency test

a competitive IELTS or TOEFL score

TOEFL or IELTS scores are required to prove English ability

High school score/ Work experience

More than 75% in the final year of schooling

Students applying to an MBA programme must have 2-4 years of relevant professional experience.

Fees (in AED)

37,500 to 70,000

55,000 to 75,000

Fees (in INR)

8,35,005 to 15,58,675

12,24,677 to 16,70,000

Note* the requirements may change depending upon the university and program.

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