What do prospective international students consider while choosing a university

Most people will agree that selecting the best university after high school has a critical influence on how students' futures will turn out. Finding the proper major or subject of study is crucial because the majority of graduates spend their entire professional life working in the industry they studied in during their undergraduate degrees.

Students may have specific academic majors they want to pursue, a specific university they want to attend, or expectations for their careers. All of these elements are crucial in helping the university make the best choice possible because it will define its future. GoToUniversity has been assisting students who wish to study abroad and caters a free counseling session to the ones in need in order to clarify their decisions. Students should keep in mind a few critical elements when searching for and applying to universities in order to make that life-changing decision -


When selecting a course, students should consider the financial stability and affordability of the tuition fee, as well as the perks and benefits that they may receive from the university based on their eligibility for scholarships and student support services to help them manage their expenses. This year, 62% of the prospective student population wanted to study in New Zealand or Australia, making ‘affordability’ the single most concerning factor for them post-pandemic.

Environmental Impact and Social Responsibilities

Students today expect their institutions to actively support the societies in which they operate and their local communities as well. Universities must make sure they are coordinating and expanding their sustainability efforts across a range of domains in order to support the development of latest techniques that will enable a more feasible way of living for us. To accelerate the change to carbon reduction, this involves reducing the use of single-use plastics and putting energy-saving steps in place.

77% of candidates who want to study in the EU believe that universities should do more to advance the sustainable mission and fight climate change.


The majority of students typically enrol at their preferred university in September, but others may have to extend their plans for abroad study because of travel restrictions imposed by ongoing COVID-19 measures in their home countries or delayed visa processing.

It is evident that universities are divided on this topic, with some considering that having several intakes makes it easier for students to enrol in their school at the time of year that meets all the requirements, while others want to avoid the administrative obstacles and complexities that overseeing many intakes involves. A third or even more of prospective students who were interested in and preferred to study in the UK considered the availability of multiple intakes to be significant when deciding on a program.

The opinion of others

Making the choice of which college to attend can be difficult, but when the choice is made to study abroad, the process becomes even more difficult. Prospective international students must not only choose which university to enrol in but also evaluate employment opportunities, safety concerns, and the practicalities of studying in a specific nation from a distance. 69% of applicants who want to study in Australia or New Zealand will talk to their parents about their alternatives, with 60% saying that their parents have "a lot" or "a good amount" of influence on their choices.

Candidates frequently talk about their possibilities with a variety of people, including relatives, agents, and representatives from the school they are interested in. Institutions may think about how to modify and prioritize their promotional strategies to reach these non-student populations, all of which have the power to influence the preferences of students.

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