What is the importance of co-curricular activities in studying abroad?

Co-curricular activities or extracurricular activities help students to comprehend themselves while engaging in several activities with various people. The need and privileges of indulging in a co-curricular activity are multiple as it adds some good characteristics to one’s university experience. GoToUniversity ensures that its students get to showcase their skill set through such activities to the universities and stand every chance of contending with the others whether it is strengthening your personality, making a proportion between academic and extra activities, or getting enlisted. As soon as you land up in your dream university, distinct thoughts cross your mind like- surviving, sustaining, learning, and modifying to the new culture, environment, and people, learning a new language even, and a lot more. Amongst such hassle, co-curricular activities are not something to leave behind as it helps you get adapted to the environment and people and assimilate certain skills that are required to uphold in a completely new atmosphere. An extracurricular activity is as important as your academics and carries a particular significance in your application and heightens the chances of your selection. GoToUniversity’s Overseas education consultants help you mark your accomplishments which are not just academic-related but also impart guidance on co-curricular activities and community services. Let’s look at a few points to understand why co-curricular activities and community services are important.

Reinforces your resume

Your co-curricular activity details should be one of the significant things to be referred to in your resume. Even though your academic qualifications tell a lot about you, citing your extra activities would give the interviewer a better picture of who you are. And it could be anything, the sport you like to play which makes you considerate and tolerant and a good team leader, any creative work of art that you enjoy doing, etc. Apart from academic achievements it also tells about your proficiency to engage, handle and work in other fields also.

Do not brag

This is a crucial step of guidance on co-curricular activities. Our overseas education consultants ensure that you must bring out some points related to your personality to give readers a decent idea about yourself but make sure that it doesn’t seem like a self-praising portrayal to readers.

Count on your recent year’s accomplishment

While thinking of adding your accomplishments in your application no activity is insignificant, make sure that you add all your achievements in the past 4-5 years and organise them by order.

Be authentic

If you are planning to expand whatever you have achieved so far, our overseas education consultants would help you list everything with absolute authenticity as you must mention the things you have actually done or achieved rather than the things that do not depict your personality.

Try not to repeat

There will be complete guidance on co-curricular activities by our overseas education consultants so you need to worry. Just make sure whom your activity sheet is going to be read by and do not make mistakes of duplicating the same.

Do not outnumber your accomplishments

Make sure that you are true and honest about the number of achievements you have and make it easier for the person assessing your application to comprehend your level.

Community services

When it comes to co-curricular activities, community services cannot be left behind as it plays an important role in interpreting one’s personality that how a person is involved in community services like volunteering and serving the community by helping old age people and educating poor kids who cannot afford to go to school and the other weaker sections of the society, if you have spread awareness in your community regarding the environment, worked for LGBTQ community and participating in cultural fests or community fests. Anything that you have done to serve the community is to be included in your application as community services.

The portal of GoToUniversity helps you with guidance on co-curricular activities and different community services. Also, we have our trained overseas education consultants to help through the application process and make you aware of the significance of co-curricular activities in studying abroad and how it is valuable for enriching your personality to the readers and heightening your chances of getting selected for your dream university.

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