Why take the LNAT

National Law Admission Test (commonly known as LNAT) is a standardized exam administered by Pearson VUE that many students take to assess their suitability for a career in law.

Universities or colleges too refer to the LNAT score of a student to judge his/her skills to prosper in the course. In fact, twelve colleges in the UK and abroad require candidates to take the LNAT and prove their verbal reasoning abilities, capacity to perceive/evaluate information and develop conclusions by analyzing the situation.

Having said that, LNAT does not test you for your legal knowledge, it is solely an aptitude and skill-based assessment to help universities get additional details beyond what is in your UCAS application, while they still consider the rest of your submission to find out your potential for law.

When to take the test?

LNAT is a skills-based test developed by Pearson VUE specifically designed for students looking to study law in the United Kingdom. You may take the LNAT only once during each admissions cycle, and scores cannot be carried forward. You must take the LNAT before the UCAS application deadline of June 30 for international students.

Test format

The length of the LNAT exam, 2 hours and 15 minutes, is broken down into the following sections. You will be tested on several categories such as: Ethics, Education, Media, Philosophy, Politics, Law and Science.




DURATION (in minutes)







3 (Attempt only 1)


How to Sign up for the test?

In order to sign up for the test you need to follow the steps:

  • In order to schedule your exam, you create an LNAT account by visiting the LNAT website (lnat.ac.uk).
  • You have a better chance of getting a test slot on the day of your choice if you book the test sooner.
  • On your LNAT profile, you must provide your UCAS Personal Identification number.
  • If you complete your UCAS application and then take the LNAT exam, you must return and enter your UCAS Personal Identification number on the LNAT profile.

Important Dates to note

LNAT enrolment starts: August 1st

Testing starts: September 1.

UCAS application submission: Mid September

The registration/test booking deadline: January 15th (to ensure that you take your test before the final deadline)

Test registration closes: January 20

LNAT result

Your LNAT results are shared with the university just 24 hours after you take the test, excluding those who were the earliest test takers, as the first batch of results are only released on the 21 October. Since there is no set limit to define good or bad LNAT results, you simply have to wait to hear from the LNAT universities you've applied to and the institution/university will evaluate your application based on an overall impression of your skills that is derived from your personal statement, GPA, and LNAT score.

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