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A level french 2 years in Dld college london

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A Level French is a fascinating mix of the culture, society and language of France. It provides an opportunity for you to improve your ability to write, understand and speak French at a high level. The course focuses primarily on language skills and aims to enable you to discuss and write about a range of issues from youth culture (fashion, music, etc.) right through to the environment and social issues. This combination of being able to acquire sophisticated linguistic skills while at the same time studying books by famous French-speaking writers such as Albert Camus or even the recently successful Delphine de Vigan or the production of the film Untouchables , makes French A level enormously stimulating and challenging, both on a personal and academic level. After studying A-Level French you will come away with a skill which will enormously enrich your life as well enhance your employability post-university.

Minimum age requirement: 16-20, IELTS- 5.5


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