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History a level international in South and city college birmingham bournville college

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History A Level is based on two main areas of study: Britain 1951-2007 (breadth study) and The USSR 1855-1964 (depth study). These are taken from the AQA exam board. On this course you will develop an understanding of how history has shaped current events and develop the ability to critique a range of historical perspectives and readings, as well as to develop rational thinking and to put that into words.

Copies of qualifications, Clear copy of passport cover and personal details page, Personal statement, Financial evidence of maintenance and tuition fees, References from previous educational institutions, IELTS scores, You will need 5 curriculum GCSEs grades 4 or above, two must be at grade 6 and include GCSE English language.

Archivist, Consumer Advocate, Historian, Historic Preservation Specialist, Historic Site Administrator, Historical Writer, Historical Museum Worker, Employment Specialist, Park Historian, Museum Curator, Librarian, Teacher


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