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Ba and ma teacher preparation in University of san francisco

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The Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation (DDTP) program provides an accelerated, rigorous education leading to a bachelor's and master s degree as well as a preliminary California teaching credential. As part of this unique 4+1 model, students complete graduate-level courses as undergraduates and work in the field alongside mentor teachers throughout the program. During the first four years, students will complete the requirements for their major and participate in undergraduate field experiences, while also taking graduate-level courses offered through the School of Education, resulting in the completion of a bachelor s degree and the first half of a master s degree. Students will formally apply for admission to the School of Education during their senior year. At the end of the fifth year, after successful completion of all requirements, students will receive their master's degree and preliminary teaching credential.

High School Transcript , Fall Senior Grades , Academic Recommendation , School Report , Early Decision Agreement , SAT/ACT tests, TOEFL: IBT-65, IELTS-5.5

Innovative Teacher, Exceptional Education, Classroom Connections


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