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Ba and ms economics in University of san francisco

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The program offers students the ability to obtain both a bachelor's degree in Economics and a master's degree within five years in either MA in Economics, or an MS in International & Development Economics. Students in the five-year program begin to take graduate-level courses when they achieve senior-level standing at the University. Students graduate with the BA and officially matriculate into the MA program upon completion of College graduation requirements, including 128 units within which graduate courses will substitute for undergraduate courses in satisfying the BA requirement. The total units required for the Joint BA/MA Program in Economics is 152 units.

High School Transcript , Fall Senior Grades , Academic Recommendation , School Report , Early Decision Agreement , SAT/ACT tests, TOEFL: IBT-65, IELTS-5.5

Economic or public policy analyst, applied research in a government institution or firm, policy in making and research in developing countries


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